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Thursday, 19 September 2013

Day 458 Every Little Thing That We Do

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for not realising and understanding the extent of impact as how I have been influenced by words.  Like for example, I've been working through a mind construct within Desteni I Process Pro and I was looking at this particular memory where I don't seem to have any energetic reactions to the event in question...yet at the time I was a relatively young child...and I see how the particular incidences resonated within myself...and I mimicked the character persona that was being presented to me, much much later on in my life.  I see and realise how the emotions/feelings within the words I heard imprinted in me in such a way that this caused a point of influence in shaping my future behavior.  It's like the point imprinted in me...and I just activated the point years later by taking on as a character personality for me to play within forging my character persona within my environment.

I had no idea to the extent at which I have been influenced throughout my life.

I mean I didn't even have any strong reactions to the event in which I am referring.  This is a wow moment for me, because this strengthens my understanding within and as the point of self-responsibility within standing as equality and oneness as the living words.

I am grateful to be walking self-correction in a systemic structured fashioned manner through the education I am receiving at Desteni.  I suggest You check out the Desteni I Process Lite which is a free introduction training course that will prepare you for the Desteni I Process Pro, If You dare!

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