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Sunday, 8 September 2013

Day 449 Breaking Bad Season 5 Episode 13

I just watched Breaking Bad Season 5 Episode 13.  Some points that came up within me while watching the episode include the following:

Why did the character Walt not confirm the killing of his brother in-law when he was on the phone with his contract killers?   

The reason I ask this question is because Walt want's his business partner dead at seemingly all costs...and his brother in-law is with his business partner...and his brother in-law wants to arrest him and make his Life more miserable than it already is...and it would be no hassle whatsoever for the contract killers to kill his brother in-law.

I see the point of family loyalty like Walt was justifying that it was OK to kill his business partner because he had his Wife's approval in doing so....But he would not have his Wife's approval in killing his brother in-law which is his Wife's sister's husband.

It seems that the character wouldn't go ahead with protecting himself to Kill his brother in-law because his wife would find out and would never forgive him for such an action.

It's interesting the point of family like mob like nothing is more important than family...even if family does some really awful's like there's a morality code in play where you don't kill family because it's a respect thing and you would not want your family to kill you.

What's interesting  and ironic about family relations and morality is the justifications that doing harm to another that "apparently" is not your family is more do-able and OK from the excuse/justification/ramification that their not your flesh and not an immediate apparent connection.

What I find interesting is the word "family"

I notice that in many cases there is lack of consideration for the word "family" from the consideration and perspective of exclusivity.

Let's look at the definition of the word family in it's simplest description.

(google definition "family")


A group consisting of parents and children living together in a household.
Designed to be suitable for children as well as adults.
noun.  kin - house - household - stock - clan - race - tribe
adjective.  domestic - homely - home - familiar

Notice the synonym of the of the word family which is "race".  All humans are part of the human race.

Notice the word "Home".  Earth is home to all Life Here.

Consider the big picture that all is part of the same family...being and belonging to Life/Earth.

Everyone is living together Here on Earth whether we like it or not.

I see that a problem originates from looking at the word family only from a micro like excluding the big picture macro perspective.

The consequences of not considering both the micro and the macro are self evident within Human being's interactions Here on Planet Earth.

Are the problems that exist today the consequences of bad education, generation after generation?  It appears so.

Imagine a the Earth as a place of perfect Harmony where all Life is supported and regarded as equal in value no matter what...where care was taken to make sure abuse is prevented at all it seems out of this world radical...

Education starts in the immediate family as like your microcosm introduction and expands into the macrocosm as like the bigger picture of our shared reality for instance you're first educational instructions are your parents/guardians and it expands to other authoritative figures as you age and you move about our shared reality....

Consider the fact that everyone is an authority figure here from the perspective of and as being the author of why it is what it is here so to each of us is the author of our Life here and all were born here from authorities/authors that were already existing here...

Check out Desteni I Process LIte, also known as DIP Lite and begin an education process that will change you Life for the betterment of all Life Here, so that You can take on a role a a Guardian and Custodian of like a family member who really cares about the whole family.

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  1. He doesnt kill Hank becuase he will be caught for killing 2 DEAs and a kid, you cannot run from that, after they already had him admitting to poisoning a child on the phone and telling them he was on his way.
    not sure why you people on SF are posting about meth shows.
    Although it would have been a good thing, if the cops were killed. As cops represent the worst part of this reality, and everything they entangle people with. Like when they pick you up in your house like its WW2 becuase of a missed fine. People think 'its ok as long as its not family' -- nobody represents that MORE ANYWHERE than police officers, and their attitudes towards the population. Go out to the bars in your local town next weekend, watch how they only seek to trap people for DUIs or petty BS, as they high five each other, talk trash to people, and relentlessly protect the police 'brotherhood' - do research on how this corruptiona nd coverups spread into the court systems as well. Follow the FB page of Larry Hohol.

    Life Review "My life as a cop" -- 'People dont understand how cops put their lives on the line every day' LOLOLOL. Not to worry, the police and this earth will know how I feel about them when i take one with me before I go.