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Saturday, 14 September 2013

Day 454 Is Time a Question?

Continuing with a "time" investigation....beginning here with a ranting and raving about time as a way to further investigate my perceptions of "time"

importance of time....time being undervalued is a serious global money as debt is a clear indicator as time disregard of time....I mean....the way our systems are set up for economic system, legal system, education system,....indicate a total waste and disregard of where's the value in Everyone's time...? ? ?

Lets look at oil as an takes a long time for oil to form in the's being so under valued and wasted these days...because the resource is being controlled and manipulated by a small minority of people on the like claiming the rights to all the oil reserves...and thus setting oil at a price to get everyone's money....keep things relying on oil because it's a control piece...on people's time like our inadequate global system is heavily reliant on oil....

Lets look at labor...labor takes times....actions done in time....many goods are being sold really cheap.....which is a result reflection of having a low value relationship reflection towards labor/time/life...exemplifies and reflects a prison like generally low self worth...disregard of time/life

Look and see the relationship with Life and time....this here is our Life Time........

What the fuck is going on?

Reflecting on the word "time" and seeing how I have undervalued time from the perspective of oneness and equality as the starting point of creation.....realizing and understanding that oneness and equality is beyond energetic polarity friction constructs....

What I am getting at is that the state of our world is our estate and is a reflection of our value system.  I see this point as a result of examining my relationship with and as the word time...and that this basic principle of word relationship agreements shapes and dictates the form of our how systems operate....

 the economic system, legal system and education system are reflecting upon an undervaluing of time...which also means an undervaluing of life because relationship exists between  "Life" and "Time"......and... there is consequences for ineffective word relationships....which are formed and developed in/over "time"

Is "time" like "law" or "science" ?

Does time determine the facts?

Is time an indication of the facts ?

Is Time a "form of delay" ?

Is "time" a speed system ? and time to form sounds....sound formations are the result of time...

Time is relative to space ? Is all Time relative?  Is this the same as saying.... "Is all Life relative? in a relationship a result of being related as a result of sharing a connection...coming from the same starting point origin....

What is "origin"

Originate....original.... What is the "origin" of "time"

Does time equal movement

Without movement, can time exist?

Is time a form of a mathematical equation?  If so, is it logically obvious that everything here is a part/piece of the question/mathematical equation as both the problem and solution?

Everything contributes to the rate of time

we can stop destructive cycles/patterns in time...

We can re-verse engineer our word relation conversations in time as a way to correct the future design of the world as a reflection of word agreement relationships as the manifestation of what is best

We are studying the consequences of time so that we can prevent future consequences that are that "what's always best can be equated with time" so that what's always best is Here within our physical Life we become what's the physical best life time

I will continue to play/work/investigate "Time"

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