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Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Day 445 Seeing What's Here

I had an interesting dream last night where I was at a friend's place and I discovered a hidden this whole area within the house that I had never seen before.  I was marveling about the area and was really quite pleased with discovering the area...and the cupboard closets were filled with goodies, like everything I could want...the words lucky charms come to mine as I think I recall there being lucky charms cereal and that was a really big deal to's funny as I look at the word cereal, I sound out, "see real". What's also interesting about this dream is that after moments of marveling, I asked myself how I could have missed knowing about this space...and so I further examined the area re-tracing my steps to the back entrance and then I had an aha moment as it was like oh ya, well that's obvious that the stairs at the back of the kitchen also lead upstairs...I saw and realised how I had forgotten about this space in the house as a result of having neglected going up those stairs in the back of the I had just avoided them...

This dream reveals to me the point of investigating that which I avoid doing/going where I resist going....and within this, the point that everything is here and how much access I have to see what is here is entirely up to like whether or not I am willing myself to investigate the totality of like all of myself...and the point of not just settling with less than a full investigation of reality here so that I can see for like this is the self-investigative process...and the process is difficult from the perspective that one has to be constantly pushing ones own comfort zone as like the cure/prevention mechanism that insures there is no compromising settlements within one's like giving up is not an option and there is no plea bargains so to only the best work/investigation/commitment is acceptable.

To be Continued....

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