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Friday, 14 June 2013

Day 355 Just Justifying Justification as Juxtaposition

Day 355 Just Justifying Justification as Juxtaposition

I noticed that there are layers within justification as I caught myself within writing, justifying justification as like just wanting to making my positioning clear as a just posed positioning…as like a self-imposed word manipulation sequences to assert the reasoning of embedded justification within myself.

I realised that so many things I have said have been realms of justification….I mean my writing here now…isn’t it but justification…as like how I see a connection as justification as like just-if-I-see-a tie-on…like how I have connected things so within my acceptances and allowances as reasoning…as my seeing has been within and as justification…as like what judgement isn’t justified so to speak…because judgement is made within and as justification…as like this is this because of this...and this is so because I said it so…because I reasoned it to be so within forms of logical manipulation….which is all kind of ridiculous absurdity….which brings the point of professionals within professions as justice justifiers…as like justification is opinionated responses to assert reasoned positioned responses as like where one stands within a point as what is accepted and allowed.

It’s funny in looking within justification because anything can be justified…as it’s like makeup so to speak…as like the hocus pocus you spell within and as the spelling of the words you say in a particular way to assert and confirm as a hard con…as confirmed justice as like insurance on a particular result that supports self-interest.

I asked the question, “How can I speak and communicate without justification?”…as like just saying things without creating just sayings as my justifications…you know…because why would I just be saying things…stating justifications as like self-imposed proclamations….like so much so, I’ve seen how I’ve contorted my communication in accordance with my feelings/emotions about things…as my justice posed positioning as like where I stand about a point…as like what’s my opinion about it…

I see though that it is possible in stepping out of justification into just saying things for the sake of saying things that require to be said as just sayings as like noble truths as like hard facts as like real justice here served cold as the brutal truth of matters without being sugar coated and warmed up with fluff within communication as like communicating with a cheezy buttery speech as like in a way making justification complimentary as like justifying the use of compliments as like a necessary component in breaking the ice within getting to know someone as like creating a bond of acceptances and allowance between acquaintances…as like having underlined motives within the cheezy buttery talk…that is totally fake that’s made and perceived to be real…as like being cloaked and enticed to invoke emotion and or feeling responses to hide the bitter cold hard truth of and as the matter.

Behaviour justifications is so ridiculously absurd as like I’m going to act this particular way because this is how I feel in this moment based upon the thought/opinion I have about this particular thing that I have used my superior intellect to logically reason as being righteously right as the correct correlation as I connected the dots within and as being an expert manipulator…I mean justifier…as like manipulation is the art of justification….like you want to sell something to someone…make the appropriate/necessary justifications…as like triggering a connection/response/impulse that cannot be denied….that accordingly acts as a  point of influence that puts one under the spell of justification as like the art of seduction…as sex always sells…and sex is the base frame work of creation here…and fuck…I was just fucking playing with what I was saying about justification…and it’s like I masturbated a sale here in pushing the point of just justifying a juxtaposition on how to seal the deal as like connect with a partner for business or pleasure of both as like a being that is just saying it so to get just results as like the starting point goal is justice within just great results…as like the confirmed handy man recognition of a job well done…as like a just masturbation….because if you can’t masturbate yourself well…how are you going to properly fuck anyone if you can’t do justice when you got your dick in hand or finger on the button?

Are you looking for justification?

Looking for justification is like a reasoning to be fucked….which is kind of funny when you think about how many people who are looking for love as like a potential partner of mate…as like the perfect prince charming or shining princess…as the object of affection that aligns within all realms of accepted and allowed justifications and sells you as you sell them on how we can buy into the justification together because were the one’s as like this is fate man…this is too good to be true….like what are the chances? What are the odds….odds aren’t even that’s why the balance is always skewed in favour of justification as like there’s always that missing percentile as like what’s a good enough score out of 100 that’s not 100? 99.9999999%? well that’s good enough you say??????? Bullshit I say as each point contributes to the whole number and without the contribution of all points here you got a score that is less than a perfect result………which is less than stellar as like stellar is fucking great…as like ya man that’s fucking awesome I get it, I got it…I see the whole point without any asterisk misnomers as like expectations to the rule that make me a just justifier without getting what it is I’m saying that I’m just justifying a position so that I can remain in flux as like a shaky building that wasn’t built with a sound foundation but but but but but……..but but but…as like the tell-tale sign of a giant asshole…as a grand old justifier as one that over uses the word “but” as a tool in the spell casting justification schism.

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