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Monday, 24 June 2013

Day 379 Layer Cake

Day 379 Layer Cake

Greed and Respect is the underlying story within the movie I just watched, the “Layer Cake”.

Irony is that greed and respect don’t mesh well together as like greed and respect is like a push/pull relationship. Friction/conflict is the memo of Layer Cake as the players within the movie are portrayed as having various levels of greed and respect…and accordingly their Life turns out in accordance with their greed and respect valuations as like how they live the words as like the principles of self-determination.

A comment I find interesting and a little bit funny from the perspective of ridiculousness is, “Don’t be too greedy” and “know when to get out”

The second comment is in reference to the first comment as like choosing your level of greed as how much of a piece of the cake you’re going to take from the group party and then try to escape…as like trying to get away with only as much as you think is justified/reasonable/respectful…like in other words is in accordance with a righteous assessment valuation within and as the greed/respect relationship.

Funny thing about not being too greedy is that those that aren’t too greedy and are just a little bit greedy, unfortunately and fortunately for those that are too greedy…get fucked by those that are too greedy as like the whole amount of greedy.

If everyone is equal within and as the living word “Greed” than Everyone is Agreed…which to me indicates agreement as like harmonious sound agreement…as like great relationships.

I see the flip side of the coin within the point of agreement as like terrible relationships…like god awful…as like totally brutal relationships.

This is the unfortunate mess humanity exists within as it is self-evident within examining human relationships…and I mean a simpler way as to get to the starting point of why this is….is to start within Yourself as like…reflecting every point back to self…as like seeing how I am connected within this all.

I see the point of disconnecting brutal relationship connections as like to remedy situations of fuckedness as like to first stop the perpetuation of fuckedness/abuse….so then it is possible to move/take the next step as creation and therefore recreating perfection…as like from perfectly fucked up/enslaved…to perfectly great as like piecing the puzzle back together in the best way possible…as like to realise and understand that forcing puzzle pieces to be stuck together within relationships that is not best is like a disservice and a hindrance as like a blockade to creating greatness from the starting point of perfection as establishing and building agreements through effective use of communication as the living words that are our physical building blocks  which create our in form as our information as how things play out from within how the foundation is sound…as like the structural formation of words and within this the specific sound relations with each word…as like the values placed within words…

What I am getting at is the importance of equal valuation within words….because to be a successful builder…like a great creator of perfection it is imperative that all words are structural aligned as perfection…as like in perfect tune…as the tune of equality and oneness merged and fused together as like sexual orgasmic expression within the sense of mutual benefit/support as like expressions each alone…but together at the same time…as like symbolism recognition of the harmonious union of the perfect system network as the whole word world as in the beginning was the living word and the word was with God…as like all is within and as the same image and likeness…and that is why so much so as I so my words here together in sequence I say like within expressing myself as like to connect word relations with make statements as like creating a depth within the substance I speak as like realising that beneath the surface is where the roots are as like the network of connections that keep things physically intact…specifically trees…

So were all like a tree really because a tree is here and we are here…you, me, tree…we…lol…because were all the same image and likeness.

Layer cake….like the layers of relations within ourselves…as like the layers of memories that have been imprinted with particular word relations in relation to feelings and emotions as like the greed/respect pull/pull relations of accepted and allowed conflict/friction which is like the duality of judgement within and as the justification of messing with a balanced hamoious equation….as like it is important and imperative to understand that there is always balance here…it’s just about establishing the equilibrium within a balance of oneness and equality as like a fair distribution as like butual benefit agreement that is always best for all parts involved so the best fucking is possible and therefore nobody gets raped within the point of greed as like having separate levels of greed as the more than less than equation

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