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Friday, 14 June 2013

Day 356 Figure it Out

Day 356 Figure it Out

Figure…like the fig you are…and the figure you have/embody…as all shapes and sizes are within the figure in accounted for all points in figuring it all out…as like everything is relevant….is this is that is such is so…as like figures of speech…..what about figures of sounds? Is there figures of sounds….is there only one sound and every so called other sound is like  a fraction of the one whole sound…as like, is silence the wholeness of sound and all other sound is movement…as like silence is a stillness… within this investigation each word moves so to speaks as like how I letter by letter by let the words are formed as figures of speech…as like each letter takes place and shape within the formation of words…and  each part in the body is like word formations in a way because many figures make each part as like everything is pieced together…as like adding it all up…and that’s how we figure things out….as like what’s here

I’m playing with my writing within the focus of figuring myself within existence out…as like I heard the phrase “FIGURE IT OUT”….and Ive been looking at the word figure specifically in figuring it out….as like I see and understand “it” as like the I T as internet technologies…as like all is a part of the total make up substance that encompasses here…

Ok, so I just figured me out kind of…as like If I become aware of all the words that make up the physical structure of my being here…it’s like adding up all the parts that make me here existing as I do within this physical body…and I consider that If I learn about all the functioning of the various parts of my physicality here…it’s like learning about all the technologies existent as like totally it….but within this…what about all the other types of Life…….what about every thing else that is here….words…physical words…describing what is here…

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