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Friday, 14 June 2013

Day 370 Under the Influence?

Day 370 Under the Influence?

I just heard some rap music playing in the background and it was Eminem rapping about chewing on some mushrooms as just something to do and within hearing this I thought about how drugs act like a formula for musicians…as like stimulating the mind…and it’s like oh here you go…something to talk about…something to say…how you experiencing yourself now that you’ve taken som drugs…as like words moving within the mind…as like it being the fuel to sing/rap…as like ya there’s all sorts of words within us and the drugs act like an activation point trigger in just sorta spewing out words. I was specifically looking at rapping and how so much of what is said within the rapping is like blabber from the perspective that it’s just blah blah blah about blah blah blah…and shit here I am blah blahing and how blabber is blabbed about within rap…and as a result of initial thinking about Eminem and rapping and taking drugs as like fuel for the mind….I than thought about rapping about issues of changing the world to be a better place…and then I thought about SnoopDogg and how I remember him saying he wants to make music for people of all ages and make songs about a world with no guns…and ya this is SnoopLion actually…well when SnoopDogg was having a press conference about changing his name from SnoopDogg to SnoopLion…and ya within this I was thinking about how I have not heard much about Snoop’s process….and within this I was thinking about how even Snoop is under the influence of like those around him…and I was thinking judgement like nastiness as just thinking the people around him are keeping him gangsta gangsta.

Ok, so my writing here is a bit of a mind ramble ranting and raving and I am going to utilize this a a point of support in investigating myself and how I have been under the influence of Eminem, Snoop, and Drugs.

And just for fun, here’s a freestyle rap
Under the Influence
Like trying to rhyme words’ with influence
Thinking presence, and ingenunce…
But yo ingenunce isn’t a word
Like im trying to make my word rhyme in bring together a rap…
Like I wanna make my words tap
As like on beat
As moving in the seat
As a rhythm and flow
As like a sure go
And so often I result to the words I already know and use repeatedly in making rhymes from time to time
It’s like my tried tested and true
I know how they do
Sure performers as like constant consistency
As I know how effective times with detective
like cheese and cracker

This is a rap about influence
And im feeling like Im making a nuance,,,
Because I stretched myself out and desired for a rhyme with influence to make this rap legit…and I just legged it out …
And wow, like a holdy how in india…I see the dia in a comedian…as like come dia’n…and oh shit im Canadian…and the dia is every where like the diva’s on tv…
Wearing make up
To cover the break ups…
But more like painting the face on as to be sure the image is set as the character presentation…as like you know the clown paint
I tell my girlfriend her makeup is her clown paint….
I made that up…I’ve said to her she’s putting on clown face when she puts on her make up…
Twas just thinking, this rap sure is stinking…
Like Im just spitting out whatever comes up in my mind…while trying to give some sort of insight/direction….
Condom like protection as like a braces on your teeth correction
What Im sharing is influence? And being under the spelling of influence
As how its in the words
Don’t be scurd
Like scared
Because I dared to just go and say
As I play with how I say
What’s in me as influence this day?
And oh shit I react as I write this rhyme time…looking at the simplicity of small word rhymes and thinking…so elementary…
Like the elements are why
So crazy
Like to see our as ‘r’ and are and the crazy is to see “r” A-Z’s with Y
As like to know the why of the a to z as like that’s the crazy as to know crazy is to know the ins and outs of a point as like all the dimensions…as that’s some crazy shit.

I often revert back to the word shit…
And I’m thinking about dinosaur shit as like some real legendary shit..
Coprolites is like the name for dinosaur poo
And yo we be using that shit…extracting that shit that has been around so long brewing in the earth…that it’s now oil….
Not just dinosaur poo makes the oil…but shit…the old shit like dinosaur poo…you know

Fossil fuel….

Whoa shit…so often I connected the word fossil with dinosaur as like seeing dinosaur fossils but I just has a like duh moment where I realise how I wasn’t see all that the word fossil can be connected to within seeing how I had like a thread of connection fossil to dinosaur….but that’s not the only fossil so to speak

And fuck…I’m just yapping at the beat on and on like the merry go round as et myself go on a tangent like being the math formula for spewing out points of influence as my memory connections within me in formulating how I see here my words as like the source codes of me that reflect and represent how and why I’ve been under the influence…and so like a spread sheet I can utilise my words as a toll to walk self correction as in removing formatted coded acceptances and allowances I have on words as like pre conceived conditions….so I can open up the crazy and know my a-z’s within really understanding every word as like all ways always how structure my the structures structured I utilise as like my resources building blocks as the sound spelling as the spun spell that I put myself under the influence with…
As so I utilise the joke of a free style plant ramble rant muahha bambooz bablle rattal snakapoooodlaaadafabreeeeeeezio like a wimbooooorangatangton

Stay tuned for Investigated Analysis.

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