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Friday, 14 June 2013

Day 364 Sharing Time Together

Day 364 Sharing Time Together

I've noticed I've been a bit reserve with my co-workers I am sharing a lot of time with. Specifically keeping quiet lots…like not really pushing to get to know my co-workers better…I mean I am learning and getting to know my co-workers…but I see how me being a bit reserve…has been like a hesitance to really opening myself up to my co-workers and sharing….within this…I see a few points that relate to me being reserve…being focused on work and money…and other commitments that I am walking while being in work environment…to the point where  I've been seriously restricting the fun potential I am able to have and share with my coworkers within the drives to and from work for instance…as like within being reserve…it’s like I've been careful and cautious of my words and actions…as like not to offend anyone…and within the process it’s like I've been offending myself the whole time by worrying about being offensive….

The point I'm getting at is that I realise it is my self responsibility to share how I would like to receive and within this I see the point of social interaction within and as like how I communicate with my co-workers…as like there is time and opportunities for jokes and laughs and Ive been standoffish about this as like I've been very resistant and hesitant to being a joker at work…and I mean I have the opportunities to do so that wouldn't jeopardize my employment.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for offending myself by suppressing the sharing of fun and funny and like being reserve,,,as like holding onto some misery about the fact that I am working long days…and just kind of coping within it.

More to continue

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