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Monday, 24 June 2013

Day 376 Tree Planting Reality Show

Day 376 Tree Planting Reality Show

A few seasons ago tree planting I brought my camcorder out and was intent on making a tree planting reality show, highlighting the culture of tree planting and that the drama around and within the scene as like the work scenarios and tree planter relations and the ridiculousness gongshow nature of the hard partying after hard work…and also the life lessons as like moral allegories within doing a great job as like the trials and tribulations within daily living as like whatever your life living situation may be…as like there’s always some events happening where there is seemingly some sort of conflict or drama or fun or whatever…

I had been going through the editing process…and didn't realise the amount of work involved within the editing process. I shot a lot of video throughout the season.

Unexpectedly my external hard drive with all the stored planting footage stopped working.

A couple years ago I met a dude with a like minded vision for a tree planting reality show. He had been in talks with a few major television broadcasters…MTV and the Discovery Channel that I can recall. I got along with dude and we shared many laughs planting on the same crew. The dude had a bit more focus for the tree planting reality show idea than I did with regards to selecting people/characters he wanted to spotlight as the show to focus around…and within this…the intent of all the accumulated footage he gathered was to put together a promo for a bunch of major television broadcasters as well as showing the promo at film festivals as like to generate a buzz and create an avenue for making the show a legitimate reality as a physical actuality.

The editing process for the promo video took a bit a year to my knowledge…and I got an update about a month ago about how the promo being shown at various outlet venues as possible opportunity platforms for a potential birth of the tree planting reality show.

Today, my first day off from tree planting in a tiny small town called Wells in British Colombia, I happened to go to the library which just so happened to be open in the afternoon today which is like the only day of the week its open…point being I scored an internet connection which is seemingly scarce in this town that I’m staying in which is without cell phone service and any major stores/corporations/big business.

The dude who is pushing the tree planting promo video to make a tree planting reality show an actuality was online and sent me the promo video. He asked me if I was still on board with being a part of this production and one of the tree planters to be profiled. He’s thinking the show is going to be done with MTV.

And all of a sudden I was like whoa this shit is becoming real…like I had kind of let go of this…as I mean I thought this was a cool concept…and I've been thinking about how maybe this will be my last year tree planting…as id like to get myself into economic stability where I don’t have to tree plant…where I can spend my summers on the golf course instead of in the cut blocks planting trees working long labored days trying to plant as many trees as I am able to maximize my dollars earned for the day as all the cents accumulated from my cents per tree wage production salary.

In the promo I couldn't hear the send because I didn't have my headphones with me and the library computer was set up so it was soundless….so I'm not sure what I said other than seeing clearing myself laughing/smiling/planting a tree/mooning the came with a back shot of my balls in plain view…and making the “A WA OOOOOO AH”  in like slow motion as fun funny sound I like to make.

Ironically, a couple of days ago a fellow planter im working with was trying to recall some ridiculous memories of me from the season he met me, which was about six years ago. I told him of a tale from the first day of the season and the work orientation…which was before  he showed up…as he showed up halfway through the season.

The story I told that I though was pretty funny was how there was so many people working for this company at the pre work orientation that had never planted trees before and there was like 60-80 people in attendance. As the meeting was winding up I had to take a shit…and so I deeked out of the group gathering and headed towards where all the vehicles were parked and went into the land adjacent where all the vehicles were parked…I did this so that when people would start walking back towards the vehicles they would see me perched on a log that I was using a toilet with my ass and cock and balls facing towards them. I wasn't so much thinking I'm trying to show people my cock and balls as I was thinking it would shock and awe people to my shit blasting out of my asshole as I dropped a steamer from a log….lol…dropping a log from a log…lol…I thought this to be particularly funny because many of the new tree planter city clickers had not been exposed to such bush behavior…also in my previous years planting I became aware how shitting was an uncomfortable thing for some people as like fearing to be seen dropping a log from a log…as like going to such an extent that some would walk into the forest to do their business as like to move out of the cut block where there was a potential possibility to be seen from any possible angle…and even more ridiculous to me was the notion that some people would hold off shitting until they were able to use a toilet as like whether that be some sort of out house made at the bush camp or in a permanent building or motel…

So what I'm getting at, is, I was initially like, “what the fuck” when I saw my bare ass exposed within the video promo… as like, of all the footage buddy gathered he decided to pick the moment when I decided to moon the camera.

I told a buddy about this today…and the irony was obvious and apparent to him as he recalled the story I was sharing days earlier.

Funny ass shit.


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