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Monday, 11 February 2013

Day 251 How to Stop Slave Labour

I just watched the documentary, "Food Inc"

The documentary exposed many points of ridiculousness within the Food Industry with specific regards to food production.

One of the points that was exposed in the documentary was how big corporations use foreign workers and pay them very little amounts of money for unsafe work.  Specific examples  shown, include, foreign workers rounding up chickens and cutting meat.

The fact that we have rich countries and poor countries is so ridiculous...that we even label countries as 1st world or 3rd world.

The way the money system exists at the is predictable that the gap between wealthy and poor will continue to widen. Exploitation is profitable...and when the money system exists from a starting point at making as much profits without regard for human dignity....we have the situation here of serious disregard for human dignity.

Implimenting a slight change in the capitalism money system, can make huge great change for the benefit of human dignity. Equal Money Capitalism is the solution. See

Equal Money Capitalism is a slight change from simply capitalism because the value of money shifts from debt/slavery to Life.

It's ridiculous to even say that we exist here as Life when we don't even value ourselves as Life....I mean our capitalism money system reflects our relationship with and as Life...and it is Slavery/Debt.

How can Life have any value if Life is enslaved upon birth?

This is the ridiculousness of our current shared situation here, every one is born in sin/debt...because the money system is based and perpetuated by debt.

This is so ridiculously absurd and everyone is so enslaved/indebted to the system that change is difficult because we are at war with one another, trying to climb the ladder of we have a real pyramid system structured hierarchy of slave labour.

What's so ridiculous about this is that people fear working to change the system because then we will have to give up their position on the totem pole...and it's bizarre really....because everyone is getting fucked along the totem pole. It's like were just dealing with dimensions of fuckedness like trying to find the positive within the fuckedness, which is totally mental insanity.

The solution is Equal Money Capitalism.

Collectively we decide our desteni as agreement of what is best for Life.

We are Rewarded by changing our starting point within capitalism, to Equal Money Capitalism because we give ourselves value and make a decision that, Yes, Life has value...Equal Value...because all Life is here one and equal.

In Equal Money Capitalism, Labour is a human right/responsibility. Labour practices will be based in common sense principles as, what is best for Life. Very Simplistic and awesome.

Labour will no longer exist from a starting point of like trying to win...out of fear of losing out and like fighting over greed. Labour will exist as real physical expression of love in working together contributing to the whole of Life excellence as Life will be the highest value.

Imagining a world where Life is valued in always is like trying to imagine a colour that doesnt exist, because it's not here...yet...although it can be here in our future as we mix our colours together and paint the perfect picture as the big picture as our new colour...the best colour.

In Equal Money Capitalism System, children will no longer be born in sin/debt because of the sins/debt of their parents. Parents will be contributing to a better world as having a meaningfull life.

Everyone having a meaningfull life sounds pretty cool! At the moment our shared existence has been suppressed of the greatest meanings of Awesomeness. Join us in unwrapping the greatest meanings of Awesomeness in facilitating the changes necessary to bring forth Equal Money Capitalism.

See the link here that will assist in answering questions about our destiny and YOU joining the Desteni group as the focal point of for Being's coming together as an act of self responsibility in making the choice/decision to give a shit about Life and therfore make a contribution to Life and create a Life that's worth Living as what is best for All Life Here.

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