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Friday, 8 February 2013

Day 248 Is it Possible to Stop Perpetuating Fuckedness?

Yes, it is possible to stop perpetuating fuckedness.

Each individual being is the key holder as the way.

Finding the way becomes sharing the way as Life is for-giving.

Forgive Everything.

To Forgive Everything is to give for every the epitome of understanding the principle, 'give as you like to receive'

The hardest thing to realize is ourself as source of fuckedness. What? Me? But I'm just one individual being......
It's gotta be some other beings to blame as who are responsible for the perpetuating fuckedness existing here.........BULLSHIT....Each being here is the Source of situation here.

Attempting to shift the blame away from self responsibility here is Lame,,, I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to shift the blame away from self responsibility here.

Facing myself with brutal self honesty means facing Everything,

Self Forgiveness, self honesty, self trust, and patience is the recipe formula as how to utilise key to stopping perpetuation of fuckedness.

I have found out that self forgiveness is only difficult when self honesty/self trust is being fucked with as consequence of accepting and allowing the choice.

What's more important than stopping the perpetuation of fuckedness?

Who is more important than stopping the perpetuation of fuckedness?

Who's responsible for the perpetuation of fuckedness?

Agreed is the individual greed shared collectively as the same greed as the same point of agreement....aligning the greed to what is best as the best interest of what's best for you is best for me is the basis of a sound agreement where all is agreed here as oneness and equality together as sharing in greatness/awesomeness/excellence/perfection as what is best is common sense agreed understanding, everyone knows as knowing thy self here is understood as the root cause of why what is best can be predictable.

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