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Thursday, 7 February 2013

Day 247 How I Stopped Weed Addiction

Self Forgiveness was the key tool of self support in letting go of weed addiction. Self forgiveness assited me alot with weed addiction because I forgave myself on all the positive memory experiences I had associated with weed. Initially stopping weed was tough for me because I had some many positive feelings about weed and I would have seemingly random thoughts come up within myself about having an urge/craving to smoke weed as like to have a postive feeling experience.

Through applying self forgiveness exstensively on my relationship with weed...I released the positive feeling energetic charges I was holding within myself about weed.

Inititially I was flip flopping between feeling and emotions about I would go from it being a positive thing to a negative thing...and this was a total energteic mind fuck that I had induced as consequence of trying to direct my decisions/movement in relationship to weed based upon feelings and emotions.

It's interesting that I tried to facilitate stopping smoking weed based on creating negative emotions about weed...because that is like the flip side of the coin of positive feelings.

Within stopping weed addiction I realized the ridiculousness of movement from within and as the starting point of positive feelings or negative emotions. I noticed how everything I would want to do would be based upon positive feelings as like forms of desire to gratify self interest indulgences...and everything I would not want to do would be as consequence of accepting and allowing negative emotions about like resisting what I don't have good feelings about.

Through intensive examination of myself within my acceptances and allowances in relationship to weed, I realized how operating from within and as the principle of what is best for all Life here is beyond existing within and as feelings and emotions. I learned that all feelings and emotions are rooted in and as forms of Fear. I realzed that untill I release all accepted and allowed forms of fear from within myself as feelings/emotions,...I am in process of self correction, purifying the law of my being, establishing myself here as equality and oneness as my starting point for existing.

I realized that I had started smoking weed and enjoyed smoking weed because it made me feel like existing within and as positive feelings. I realized that weed was assisting and supporting positive feelings within myself and was helping me to relax and feel at ease because I was actually quite surpressed and had lots of negative emotions existent within myself. I realized that smoking weed just kind of camoflauged my inner issues and therfore provided me with a temporary escape from my regular day to day internal stress that had been accumulating throughout the years.

I realized that I had perpetuated self suppressions within myself by continuing to smoke weed for years...and that I was just burrying shit that I wanted to forget about within myself...But...I realized that forgetting like releasing all the energetic charges as feelings and emotions on past memories/events is only possible with the application of self forgiveness as like the gift giving to like forgive and forget go hand in hand.

I realized I had made letting go of weed addiction seemingly difficult at times because I accepted and allowed letting go of weed addiction to be difficult.

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