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Saturday, 9 February 2013

Day 249 The Ridiculousness of Funny!

This woman is laughing at something funny.

The real funny here is ridiculousness. Funny is exposed ridiculousness. Access to funny is determined by self realization as facing accepted and allowed ridiculousness. It's like we don't get the joke when we don't realize ourself as the joke as like we are always the butt of our own joke as exposed ridiculousness. The ability to see ridiculousness in others stems from our ability with brutal self honesty in facing our accepted and allowed ridiculousness.

Fear is Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiidiculous. Notice I am emphasizing the word Ridiculous here. Fear is funny because it's sooooooooooooooooooooooooo ridiculous. Like WOW, holy fucking shit!

The ability to laugh therfore is a result of letting go of fear.

Genuine Laughter is the result of a fearless expression as like an AHA moment...I fucking I get it...wait...I got it....I shit, I fucking Got It....because I am always....ALWAYS the source of it.......Self Reflection.

Uncontrollable Laughter is like a form of orgasm because it's effortless easy that is the reward of self enjoyment as self comfort as self support and assitance in facing self here with brutal self honesty....and not being a scaredy cat about it.

Lets look at a situation where you are being can go with it....errupt in uncontrolable laughter....very much like a wild sexual orgasm....uncontrollable body movements....jolts like realeasing the tension and strain of always existing in control as fear as like on edge.

Notice the word knowledge. Knowledge can encompass fear if the starting point of knowledge carries a polarity charge....which it most often does. Knowledge....Know like knowing the ledge as the self creating edge based on the asigned energy value given to the information as knowledge. Knowing the ledge as the edge as the accepted and allowed point of control is ridiuclous......RIIIIIIIIIDICULOUS.......fucking ridiculous....because this is how we fuck ourselves in the most unpleasant ways possible.

Why fuck ourselves in the most unpleasant ways? Isn't that totally ridiculus?

Feelings and emotions expose our accepted and allowed ridiculousness!

Family is possibly the source of the most ridiculous family life is the epitome of funny manufacturing. Why? Soooooooooooooooooo much emotion and constant reactional play outs.

Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo many types of funny encompasses EVERY personality.....

Funny Funny fun funnny fun fun funny ....funny...funny.

Examples of some types of funny include, stupid/smart/witty/clever/devious/crazy/extreme/outrageous/serious/intensely/righteous/greedy/sincere/mean/nice/brutal
good, bad, wow...classifying the type of funny is even like a piece of funny as like a fragment of the like you know, a comedy bit.

I'm just sharing a little bit....pieces of the whole shit....yet each piece of shit...every little bit contributes to what makes up the holy know the whole shit...the whole story our history and herstory as his and her story....the story of Ridiculous Being....

How many ridiculous beings is there? Is anyone not ridiuclous? Really? Isn't this ridiculous?

Our shared reality is totally Riiiiiiiiiiiiidiculous!

Wouldn't it make be actual common sense, since were all only accept and allow the most Ridiculously Awesome Shit? Like, I mean that which is absolutely ridiculously awesome for Everyone....You know? !!!....So we can all share a laugh together....You know? !!! A laugh at our own expsense.

Our own expsense? That sounds expensive doesn't it? Like really fucking HOLY FUCKING SHIT...All calculated expenses to include Everyone an All Expenses paid accomodation to being part of the venue/event of Absolute Ridiculous Aweomeness as the Absolute Best Everything in Always.

Wait a second....take a breath....hold it.....wait for it....hold it.......


WHAT? What the Fuck? Really?



Are YOU Serious?


Are YOU Fucking Kidding Me?

Is this a Joke?

A Real Fucking Joke?


The Most Riduclous Awesome Joke Ever?

Like what's Best for All Life?

Like even the Animals?

The Bugs too?

The Fucking BUGS? !!!!

So let me get this straight.......ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL LIFE.....Like Every-One is included and makes the the best most ridiculous Awesome Joke Possible?

Whhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? ? ? ! ! ! ! !

HOLY FUCKING SHIT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Is this for real?

Like, be Serious for a moment....I'm not joking around....this isn't a Fucking Joke!



Talk about an all encompasing unified Orgasm Man.

This is one hell of an Orgy.................

Go figure,

It's Hell on Earth Right Now...


about the venue for tha main event,,,....which is,

HERE.....always right in the middle of NOWHERE....



what the fuck?



THE Middle of Nowhere is the middle of Now HERE.......!

Holy Shit!

Were at the Centre/Center of the UniVerse.....AHa.....hahahahha hahhaha hahhaa hahhahaa....I fucking get it....ahaha oh shiiiiiiiiiiiiit...

I fucking understand

It's up to us to make the most amazing shit totally legit....

Legit? You mean we gotta leg do the leg work...walk the walk....Standing Together in Awe for a moment at the Awesomeness as the aha moment of Everybody getting it....because we all got it to give....Our Laughter as Confirmation Agreement Sound Signature of Total Practical Common Sense Understanding Ourselves as Ridiculous Awesomeness to the extreme as the Best in all ways that is Best as Perfect Physical Structure Alignment as Equality and Oneness aha...

hahahhahahahhaha hahahahhahahah hahahahhahhaha

All Agreed! ! ! ! ! !

All Agreed? Like all is a greedy as we all share the same we are all greedy together in wanting the same the same thing being that which is best for everyone?


So Everybody WINS?

Why haven't we been exisiting like this already?

That's Fucking Ridiculous!

Equal Money Capitalism is the way forward.

Become a major facilitator in the great way forward in helping orchestrate One hell of an Orgy

Support Destonians...Become a Destonian....check out Destonians......Assistance and Support Available Here: 

The Best Funny is the Most Fun! Join Us!

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