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Saturday, 6 April 2013

Day 303 Education and Child Labor

Education System as it exists is RIDICULOUS. Education system as it exists is exploited child labor.

Today I was looking at the point of labor within the world system. I thought about how when I was a child I thought all the grown ups were taking care of the labor, and all the work was organized. I thought about how Education is pushed onto children because it's the cycle of generation after generation as patterned behaviour consequence of it was done to me, so it is done to you....everybody has got to go through's just the way things are. "You need an education to exist in this world". "You can't get a good job and have money for the toys you want if you don't get good grades at school".

So, I then looked at the point of child what if the world system was designed in such a way where children were educated about the various form of labor needed and required for the effective functioning of the cities, towns, countries,...World/Planet Earth.

The way we are educated in school from a young age everything is's like there's this cognitive dissonance from education system and how the labor force works. This is because the monetary system is never explained in school. It's like you need money....but it's never really talked is the back bone principle driving all labor here and it's not practically explained in primary school. What is ridiuclous about the explanation of economics is that it's like it's own language system that's introduced to only some students as an introductory elective course in highschool...and then some study it in  more detail in university/college.

If we design our world effectively on a global scale as like play ground planet Earth with the common sense of the science of Awesome as Awesome is awe-so-me and what's best for all Life is best for me....then really desiging a world that is most excellent in always seems pretty simplistic.

If our shared global reality is designed and regulated on the principles of what's best for all Life is always best for me and give as You like to receive...then the Awesomeness as stake is beyond our current imagination because it's like trying to imagine a colour that doesnt

Look at the practicality of being retired from the labor force by the age of 30. Think about it. How could it be practically possible for all beings to retire from the global labor force by the age of 30 if we have a global collective that's educated and works from within the starting point principles of what's best for all Life is best for me, and give as You like to receive? If education works congruently with labor...all beings here is educated to work effectively in caretaking and maintaing a most excellent play ground planet earth for all Life to in-joy Here.

The Awesomeness at stake is exponetially profound beyond all imagination.

This is what we've been waiting for! Waiting?

Why the Fuck are we waiting to make Heaven on Earth Our practical shared living reality?

Check out how we labor this so at the following links:

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