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Sunday, 24 March 2013

Day 289 Slow Down and Laugh

Slow down and take the time to laugh. There's so much funny happening all the time....the funny is everywhere always. We are the starting point of funny...and what I've realised is that we miss the funny when we are moving to quick within like missing the joke/funny because we are always the butt of the joke....because were always at the starting point of funny. When were racing within our minds as consciousness mind systems were on auto pilot and auto pilot is like serious business in the sense that time is money...and consciousness works like a fear pandemic always worried about losing value/profit and so the realms of consciousness thinking are made out to be rational and justified within consciousness automation...but the starting point of consciousness particpations is fear....and the emotional and feeling spectrum is just degrees of fear as like fear formed derivatives on a sliding scale...and wooooooooooooooooow...I mean wow, this is ridiculous.

Funny that it takes one to know one and were always the starting point of it.

Funny that we try to be rational about our emotions when the truth of the matter is our emotions are irrational.

Funny how serious we are about our emotions and feelings within moments of thought possession that we don't realise our stoner behaviour as like the mind fuck we self induced upon ourself as the result of our thinking as the ink that stained us.

Funny how most people don't want to be the butt of the joke when the fact of the matter is,  everyone is the butt of the joke and no one is asshole free...but nobody wants to be an asshole...yet everyone is an asshole...and everyone knows an asshole...and most don't think there an asshole....I mean what a bunch of fucking asshole we are.

There's so much fun and funny available all the time and we fucking miss it when were fucking ourselves in the mindfucking within consciousness and we become total assholes as we regurgitate our automated thoughts that are fuelled as fear formed derivatives...that oh shit! We missed the funny and brewed some explosion from our asshole as consequence of mindfucking,..which is brutal because consciousness mind fucking as like emotional reactions and feelings is likehaving to really take a shit but you don't want to stop clenching your asshole because you fear what might come out...and so there's like this crazy ridiculousness happening within you....and on the outside your trying to play everything like it's all good problems here.....and I mean what's so ridiculous about that everyone is playing charades and shit is always soooooooo fucking obvious....the only time shit isnt obvious is when you don't realise what a joke you are...and then, sorry to say it...but, you're a sad were a tragic comedy when we don't realise our own ridiculousness.

Our shared reality is a tragic comedy.

Come die.....comedy.....come dieing....come dy....cum a cum stain....a tragic cum the see'r that see's the truth of me and con...con media...comedian exposes the media con's and all the fake icons...comedy...ejaculation death....come colour....coulour commentary....picture painter...

A tragic comedy is a cum stain

It's obvious that the global laugh count is way way down...because a lot of bad jokes are being played out on a daily basis....and were mindfucking the shit out of ourselves as we don't realise the irony in how were mining the shit out of the were being a bunch of fucking assholes in playing out bad jokes over and over consequence of the automated concsiousness mind fucking pandemic...............
The situation here is a real energy crisis and everyone with money is a real energy slut...and everyone without money just wants to be an energy's like the dream is to be able to be look at Dubai...I mean what an ass load of diarrhea...the consequences of tooo much asshole fucking...a seriously shitty situation

The initial intent of my writing this blog here today was to make not  of the point that laughter and funny can be used as a point of support in walking process of self realisations and self corrections as utilizing self as the starting point of ridiculousness and seeing the funny within self in all ways ridiculous without judgement....which brings forth holy shit realisations as like aha moments...holy shit...I fucking get it...because I got it...I mean I'm just looking and really examing my shit...and once you understand shit, you can share shit and expose shit and fuck with shit in ways which are best for all Life in accelerating the process of self realisation and self correction....because shit is totally fucked....and were the fuckers that are responsible for creating the best most awesome excellent that all shit is dignified in all ways and we can actually say Earth is some real heavenly holy fucking shit.

Talk about a sanitary place to live....nothing but heavenly shit....holy shit that's fucking awesome

Equal Money System is the way through Equal Money Capitalism as an opportunity for capitalism to evolve into some legendary shit which is best for all Life here.  Only a total fucking asshole who doesnt realise the their a total fucking asshole would disagree.....which just means those who know their shit gotta share their shit as like the aha moments as holy fucking shit a World where all Life supported as equality and oneness in living application is totally fucking awesome as like the best shit ever!

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to not realise and understand myself as a consciousness mind fucking asshole who doesnt see the ridiculousness of my acceptances and allowances as like total shit...unless I slow down and breathe and become aware of the breathing process as the grounding/earthing/birthing process of and as Life birthed from the physical through aha moments of laughter as self realisations as consequence of seeing the laboured ridiculousness and labouring the self corrections as the best eternal like aha I got it...holy shit that's fucking awesome...shit that can stand the test of time as like the new legendary copperlites/dinosaur like shit.

I realise the ridiculousness of not slowing down and becoming aware of my breathing and enabling laughter as the best medicine for being here as the best consequence for seeing common sense as aha moments of clarity as self expansion and self discovery

When and as I see myself mind fucking within consciousness, I stop and breathe...making sure that I slow the fuck down and take the time to have a laugh at myself as consequence of accepted and allowed ridiculousness as the butt of the joke here as a tragic comedy...LoL..I realise laughter is the best medicine in fostering in developments as what is best for all Life here as aha moments are key and each hold the key to aha I got it I see....cooooooooooooool.

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