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Friday, 15 March 2013

Day 280 What the Fuck is Going On?

The Earth is being picked a part like a jenga game. Which is ridiculous because when you play the jenga game, you know that collapse is inevitable.

A cool Blog I just read, "An Activist's Journey to Life, Day 316, Prince and the Pauper"

An Activist's Journey to Life Blog exposes ridiculous everyday fuckedness that is happening as Humanity's global jenga game that is being played out by all participants here.

A cool line from the end of An Activist's Journey to LIfe Blog, Day 316, is, "I wonder what would happen if the so called lower class roles were to suddenly be stopped? Would those in the higher roles be able to continue, or would it indicate a codependency?"

Take a moment and re-read the quote.

Read it again, real slow.

Think about it.

Wonder about it.

Imagine about it.

This is some crazy ridiculousness! The fact that the state of affairs in our shared reality is sooo wack is beyond's like crazy has become some everyday normality and it seems like things need to get crazier than crazy because humanity as species is numb as fuck.

What kind of crazier than crazy events must take place before enough people are accounted for as the custodians/guardians of the Earth as like radical fuckers who really give a shit about the well being of all Life here and will do whatever it takes to preserve and restore Life in all ways Best?

Will your self righteous personal bubble of self interested indulgences have to pop?

The self righteous personal bubbles of self interested indulgences are popping....What will you do when your bubble bursts?

All the bubbles are popping.

Join Desteni and take self responsibility and give your Life REAL meaning and integrity.

See how Equal Money Capitalism is a viable solution in cleaning up our mess and reorganizing structural support in all ways best for all Life here.

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