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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Day 285 Funny Clarifications Like Gay Shit Here

Stupid-Funny is a ridiculously bad joke.

Stupid-Funny is total non sense.

Stupid-Funny is quite popular within society which reflects society as Stupid-Funny.

Stupid-Funny operates on the premise of the more ridiculously stupid the more funny it is.

Stupid-Funny occurs when common sense is lacking or is portrayed to be lacking.

Stupid-Funny is smart-funny because everyone is smart in getting the stupid-funny.

Diversifying Funny is like less and less funny for those who really like stupid funny because everyone gets/connects to stupid funny because everyone knows stupid shit.

You don't really have to be smart to get stupid-funny because there's nothing to get because you already funny, stupid...I mean stupid, funny.....

Trying to be smart is stupid-funny.

Trying real heard to be smart is, think hard retard....

Trying to be clever is stupid-funny.

Being clever is stupid funny because the processes involved with being clever is stupid-funny because there's nothing funny about being clever...I mean there's nothing clever about being clever.

If you can see the stupidity that's funny.

Stupid-funny can be a real sensitive thing because the biggest of ego's will be challenged. (again, think hard don't really..)

Stupid-funny is a smart assed meets dumb assed collision.

Television is stupid-funny.

Stupid-funny is everywhere here on earth.

Stupid-funny is feared here on Earth.

Controlling stupid-funny is serious business.

Stupid-funny is like fucking WOWWWWWWWWWW, REALLY.....are YOU Fucking Serious?

Stupid-funny is like abra ka fucking dabra...holy shit, WOW, Reallyy? fucking fuck that's funny....stupid....but funny....fucking stupid funny.

Stupid-Funny is a great point of interconnectedness amongst all humanity here...because were all so fucking obviously it....and everyone is so fucking funny, it's the stupid-funny capabilities and abilities existing here is ridiculously intelligent.

Stupid-funny is founded in human intelligence.

Some of the most intelligent human beings are so ridiculously stupid, it's funny.

Does stupid fuck funny or does funny fuck stupid...either way: stupid-fuck is funny and funny-fuck is funny.

Being Smart is like knowing all of the stupid-funny because you get it because you're the epitome of funny as like the all encompassing funny that when people don't get it, they think you're stupid....because there's a disconnect between funny and stupid......and stupid people don't know there stupid.....and that's why you gotta be smart to understand all the stupid-funny here...because there's a lot of stupid funny it's a dumb ass versus smart ass type of competition going on where the emphasis is on the type of ass in the spelling as how we spell asshole? I mean really were all just a bunch of assholes....maybe we should be referred to as asshole....that's like a holy shit realisation though....and maybe I've said to much the suspense as wow really I tell it so, so you know like k now of the now know won k wonk kwno kwon no know ok know,,,lol...I play with the stupid funny....

So much stupid funny to play with it's ridiculously

The amount of time it took me to emit the mite to write the me ti of time as the ti me together as the supid-funny as like wow the stupid funny is made out in a way that is not only smart it's clever in the strategy of cunning linguistics to phrase and rephrase the saying so of how we lasso it so with and as ourselves existing here as stupid-funny assholes wow.

King of the castle were all a bunch of fucking assholes.

Go figure were all assholes and the holy whole shit of it all as like the almighty shit as like our final physical hurrah at the moment of death is our physical holy fucking shit...physicality here is all about us being fucking assholes....fucking Gay

It's stupid funny that gay is projected as a derogatory term in popular western society even though there is gay rights and gay means happy or dudes fucking in the asshole according to the dictionary....or it can have a total opposite like being the most horrible negative thing for a straight like admitting you're a fucking asshole who is afraid to get fucked in the asshole is stupid its a pretty serious condition....I mean I know....because I have no preference for getting fucked in the asshole.

Is that the Pandora's box of human society? Every Single Human is fucking Gay asshole because were all capable whether it is our preference or not...because the fact of the matter is we all have fucking assholes and we all use our assholes....whether we use our asshole for fucking has been a matter of personal preference...

Perhaps if there was more fucking in the asshole there would be less of a constipation epidemic....and there would be more of a holy shit all the shit would be self evident as consequence of all the asshole poking fuck....rumour has it that the almighty g-spot is in the asshole

Fucking asshole


Fucking Gay Shit Here

Pardon my irritable bowls as I wrote out this raw script like a raw go release upon the porcelain bowl as I pushed myself real hard to get my shit out clear and it's like I was struggling in the beginning but I kept a constant pressure....and than all of as sudden I just erupted with the lyrical gay glow of a true holy shit fucking asshole man as I say I like to play with what I say and I'm just clarifying some of the stupid-funny here as I smart ass my way while dumb assing a show case of ingenuity as the in gene as like the genetics you wanna self replicate as wow the stupid matches the funny which is smart and is beyond any level of intelligence as equality and oneness awesomeness here.....


I know,

I'm an asshole



get it...


got it



like crazy ridiculous.....


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