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Friday, 28 December 2012

Day 208 Breathing Part 5 of 21

So, there was many moments throughout the day where I was like shit/fuck...ah...I havent been practicing four count breathing.  It's like I had expectations upon myself that I would pretty much have 4 count breathing dialed with only maybe a few minor hiccups. I see also that it is cool that I was able to come back to breath several times throughout the the day as like regain focus on the four count breathing.  I have much consistency and smoothness to establish with regards to repititious 4 count breaths.

Some cool points I want to expose here, just for the practical purpose of writing them down as like to put on record. The points are relevant to having surfaced today.

1) Physics talk at ski hill: initiated by dude asking for perspective wih specif regards to what his chemistry teacher said. His chemistry teacher said the earth is holding us up according to gravity. Dude's initial thoughts were chemistry teacher is crazy...that's not the accepted view....gravity of earth is pulling us down.

I said we are made of the earth and therefore we must be equal as the gravitational force. Dude pointed out that the mass of the earth is huge.  We a part of the huge mass that makes up the earth.

We talked about flying. lol.

2) yesterday, neighbour told me about guy who started ski hill I was skiing people I had never met before told me about guy who started ski hill and gave me more information about guy's history and told me about a book that I think he wrote about his life story I's called, "White Gold"

3) I was saying today that my immediate family are my toughest critics and I referenced/segued this to me and stand up comedy as like to infer that my family members basically heckle the shit out of me.  Today, I had family members laughing in like a state of hysterics...and also received direct feedback at different moments from cousin, mom and dad as like words of support/appreciation/knowing about my stand up comedy.

4) The point that I really like doing stuff....meaning particpating/contributing...I bought cold cuts today to prepare sandwhiches for ski exam tomorow as opposed to just buying my lunch because it takes less effort/preparation.  Everything that I can do to assist and support myself is cool.  Supporting and assisting myself in ways that assist and supoport all life is the epitome of cool.

5) My girlfriend told me I seemed different. I told her I am going through changes...I'm in process of transformation....I'm releasing myself from like no more being an energy an energy slut is someone who fucks around in ways that are not best for Life as equality and oneness.

6) I talked about the ridiculousness of how I have always wanted to do things my way from and as a starting point of stubborness and self righteousness as like major like not wanting help/assistance and support.

7) I realise and recognize that as I allow myself access to assistance and support it all comes full circle as like connections connecting to points...increasing claritiy and enhancing understanding/specificty as like definitions as explanations that are best.

I will continue/expand in next post upon writing here shared today. Cheers!

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