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Sunday, 16 December 2012

Day 197 Talk of Support

So, I had several talks of support today/this evening.  What was common within the talks of support was the sharing of assistance and support from the starting point of giving as you would like to receive.

What does it mean to give as you would like to receive?

Well, there is many facets to understanding the simplicity of giving and receiving.

For example,

1) When someone is talking, listen.

2) When you have a reaction to what a person is saying see the gift that is being presented here, don't allow yourself to go there in following this disrupts the flow of what a person is saying and you will spoil the gift as the point of reaction within yourself as a self reflection which enables self perfection.

3) When someone reacts to your words be patient.

4) Listen to the presence you are receiving as physical sound expression.

5) Listening enables receiving and giving.

6) If you listen you will receive everything.

7) Being selective with listening is mentally retarded because you are blocking out the most important part because what you don't deliberately hear is exactly what you need.

8) Sound sews it so as all is sewn together here in sound so you know what is existing here in sound.

9) You cannot receive what you are not willing to give

10) Give everything

11) Life is Everything

12) Life is given

13) Everything is given

14) The law of equality

15) Life is God

16) God is Sound

17) Sound is physical structure

18) participate as physical structural support

19) Sharing physical structural support is key to becoming Life

20) Words are physical structural support.

21) Share words as physical structural support

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