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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Day 140 Self Forgiveness as Daily Bread


Making Self Forgiveness an all the time application is a cool principle to establish. It's like establishing self regulation as equality and oneness as the intent is made/given/lived as life as what is best for all life.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for having postponed immediate application of self forgiveness when a point came up within myself because of the justification I will do self forgiveness later when I have more free time and I don't have any specific obligations.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for believing and thinking that I got to create specific time for self forgiveness as separate from my daily particpations.

I forgive myself for not realising the simplicity in incorporating self forgiveness into my every moment application of myself existing here.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for having suppressed my fullout application of self forgiveness as consequence of thinking that I can't be doing self forgiveness all the time.

I realise the awesomeness as like life enhancement to the fullest of establishing principled living application of self forgiveness anywhere anytime at any given moment.

I realise the effectiveness of applying self forgiveness as living principle in application.

I realise myself as self forgiveness.

I realise self forgiveness as self willed directed change.

I realise the impact in facilitating change that is best for everyone as constant consistent application of self forgiveness as who I am and what I do.

When and as I see myself recognising a point to apply self forgiveness on and I say to myself ok I see the point I will do it later tonight....I stop and I breathe and I realise I can deal with the point here and now and then it is done, dealt with remove and therfore I do not allow points to accumulate and expand as consequence of accepting and allowing procrastination as accepted and allowed postponement.

I commit myself to living self forgiveness as who and how I am Here.

I commit myself to sharing the awesomness of all the time application of self forgiveness as like living awesomeness as equality and oneness here as a real being who gives a shit about the well being of the world.

I commit myself to my daily bread as self forgiveness in the moment when I recognise a movement within myself as energy fluctuation.

I commit myself to establishing constant consistency with in the moment application of self forgiveness here.

I commit myself here as self mastery as living self forgiveness as self willed expression as what is best for everyone.

note: If you are a Being who really gives a shit about Life, check out the Desteni I Process.

Cheers and Best Regards!

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