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Friday, 1 November 2013

Day 498 Atlas Shrugged

I suggest watching the movie Atlas Shrugged, or Reading the book.

Many cool points are presented that align with Supporting a Living Income Guaranteed.

The book/movie will encourage the contemplation of why our shared reality is the way it is. The point is fantastically illustrated how fighting the system will not change the system. Fighting the "powers" that be is a great delusion.

The point of accountability and responsibility is illustrated. It is each individual here who is required to stand within and as the point of responsibility and accountability.

Reward for our efforts is encouraged.

If our labor/efforts are undermined than everyone suffers.

If the point of self-responsibility is disregarded our existence/Life is disregarded.

The movie illustrated the ridiculous absurdities of the blame game and abdication of self responsibility/accountability/dignity/integrity.

The point is illustrated how money is not in fact the root of all evil.....that money is just a tool...and we are the one's that determine how we use the tool. Obviously to use a tool effectively, awareness/foresight is required which is to see the consequences and implications of our actions, thereby preventing harm and suffering by standing within and as self-responsibility/accountability/integrity/dignity.

The point is illustrated how designing a legal system with excessive rules and regulations which act as like the mechanics of facilitating fraud/robbery/injustice is highly ineffective in all regards.

Fighting a person who doesn't understand what there doing is futile. The expression "resistance is futile" easy to see and realize within and as one moves through the book and or movie.

A cool quote within part 1 of the movie by a man who realizes the ridiculousness of arguing with someone who is fighting for limitation...this line is used in the midst of an elite social gathering where fake smiles and false appearances are the majority, "Happiness is the delusion of those who are superficial"

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