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Monday, 14 April 2014

Day 626 Procrastination Energy


Having an energetic experience of "I don't feel like doing this now...even though I know I have the time and opportunity to do this particular thing I need to get done"

Prolonging inner-turmoil as a result of allowing a point to be lingering as a result of non action. The point lingers on an emotional level and physical level because the energetic experience related to avoiding the point is not effectively dealt with...and the actual physical act of doing the work/deed/task hasn't been taken care of..

Not immediately directing an energy that comes up within like perpetuating a bad debt/loan...that is just accumulating within interest/stress/strain...meaning that ultimately I am paying a greater price for a point that I could have put in less time/labor to initially deal with effectively in supporting myself.


When and as I see myself having a particular energetic experience come up within me with regards to doing a particular task, I realize this energetic charge is a self-induced mind fuck that I can choose to in fact I see realize that this is not in fact a valid point of support for me here. I stop and breathe, I give attention to my breath awareness here...I see/realize/understand myself here within my physical body and that I am capable and able to move myself beyond the restraints of self-inflicted reactionary energies that come up within me. As I give attention to my breath awareness, I begin to see how the particular energetic experience wasn't really valid from the perspective that I cannot really be possessed within energy when and as I give attention to my breathing here. I direct myself to moving myself within the physical task that requires my participation.


By not delaying to get the job/task/responsibility/work done immediately without postponed delay because of an energetic emotion/feeling as not wanting to do it....I have more time that is stress free...I have more time to accomplish/create more things...I am able to relax...I am able to play...I am able to stand within and as the starting point of self-responsibility in and as my expression here...I am able to express myself for real, as what is best for Life....My practical living becomes the epitome of Awesome.

It's interesting to see here how my best interests compound from and as the starting point of physically moving myself to get the work done without allowing any procrastination energy to get in my way of what it is I would like to do.

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