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Thursday, 24 April 2014

Day 633 Premier

Premier is so prime as the the primer that it used to prevent destruction and therefore it so Premier to realize and understand Yourself as the World Premiere...and the Words Premier and Premiere..Because it is only within and as our self-reflection here can we see and realize the best in everything the best...and what's best for all life here starts within our-self...because we must understand and realize what is best within our-self and give our self the support and assistance of what is that we can always live a premier life. It is so premier that we see and realize our prime potential. To be Premier is to give Premier is to live Premier. We are Premier. When we regard all Life as Premier, our experience here is extraordinarily Premier.

For those of You that have forgotten, "Premier"....Premier is of Prime Importance....I mean Premier is of utmost importance, order and position. Premier is the best. Premier is the starting point of Creation...the earliest part of creation. Premier is the essence of Oneness and Equality. Premier is all around awesome.

What is interesting to see here is that problems have come about from the acceptance and allowance of and as what is less than Premier here...which is interesting that we would create an existence where we give ourselves less than a Premier Performance at any given time...I mean this is a bit of a serious what the fuck think back looooooooooooooooooooooooong long ago to a time when Premier Performance was Everywhere...that all that was shared was everything was always so Prime...I mean there was no real taking at play here....because everything was given...and what was given was always the there was no need to take without asking...because an interesting thing existed here at the time...there was no greater divine king than another...everyone stood equal as the great king/queen of existence here...mean how we governed our shared togetherness here was to make sure that we always give our very there was no half assed everything that was done was really fucking awesome...awesome everyone/everything existed was really fucking Prime...I mean Premier Fucking...Now that's a Prime way to Fuck.

Who would want to express as less than the best... I mean that's like what the fuck...that's like receiving the best gifts/tools...and saying thanks but no thanks..."I'd prefer to be fucking around my own way, even if it's not that good of fucking"....I mean like what the fuck is the psychology of this type of mentality?...Obviously this mentality of being less than the best is a consequence of a long long time ago...and We are in a day and age where we can see the consequence of this less than Premier giving and sub par fucking around....I mean the irony here is to say that we've  primarily fucked ourselves into oblivion...However...No not quite...Not gonna Happen...till here no further...because...the cause be our Self-Premier Process of Self-Expression Self-Correction as Our Physical Structural Alignment here as how we can hear and integrate within and as Our Premier here that we had disregarded and distraught-fully neglected as a result of and as our misguided beliefs as how we ought to be and behave...not realizing and understanding the blame which was how we laminated the lame game as a less than premier performance piece here...and what's so funny/interesting/cool/Premier about tuning into our Shared that it's all Inclusive, Each is the puzzle piece connection connotation correlation as the key maker creator to stopping the destruction of Premier and standing as the embodiment of Premier Here to Care take the remedy solution and prevention for ever more of the prolific rape as the travesty of our shared game gamer throne reality of and as the consequence of participating within less than Premier Fucking.

So, next time you sit/squat on your holy throne and you pop a shit, look down and say, "holy shit I'm so divine...I see and understand how I'm responsible for taking care to clean up and manage my king asshole.  Holy Shit I've been a real Fucking Asshole". WOW!

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