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Saturday, 12 April 2014

Day 625 Human Stupidity

Perhaps the most profound stupidity of Humanity is our detrimental reliance upon feelings and emotions within making decisions. Logically rationalizing the justification of our actions/reactions as being right and righteous within and as the makeup of our moral convictions. What is so fascinating about this, is that the basis of our emotions and feelings is rooted in and as our opinion. Like; how we choose to make believe our perception of things...Like; a forced justification as to why our perception is veiled with a particular cloth. 

What I find fascinating about about the detrimental reliance upon feelings and emotions within making that there is a form of self-abdication of personal self-responsibility within giving credence to the existence of feelings and emotions within one-self. I see this as an excuse/justification...and a form of blame...which is a perpetuated consequence of fear/trauma within one-self. 

Now, what to do about all the feelings and emotions that exist within one-self?

Obviously, It is important to acknowledge the existence of such feelings and emotions that exist within one-self. Denying and deflecting the existence of the actuality of one's creation is not suggested nor recommended as the compounding interest of consequences will continually compound in order to facilitate the learning process as one creates more mistakes/misfortune/trauma in order to accelerate understanding/insight/clarity. This is obviously some what ironic...because it is a tragic comedy...a really really bad joke...if you can even call it it is totally self-induced. The ridiculousness is completely absurd.

Here exists the opportunity to investigate the nature of one's self-definition. What is interesting within this self-investigative discovery and self-reflection is that we are faced with seeing our accepted and allowed inequality here...and how the nature of our internal cognitive dissonance has shaped our external inequality as the world horror story that exists here.

So, by daring to stand equal with every point of inequality that exists here, the opportunity is born/garnered/granted to purify/birth the nature of our very being here within and as the starting point principle of Creation(equality and oneness) we give like we would like to receive...realizing and understanding that the best support and assistance is always the best support and assistance. In this, here, we are able to see through all acts of deception/self-dishonesty...because we have committed our self here to and as the self-trust and self-honesty required within and as the practical living character who lives and breathes self-forgiveness as the founding principle of Life-Self-Expression-Here.

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