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Saturday, 26 April 2014

Day 635 Perseverance

Perseverance sounds kind of like "personal endurance"...though it is not exact, yes, I realize that, however I do see the similarities in the sounding of the words here. Also, let me look here at Perseverance some more:

Per Severance.

What is a Severance?  What first comes to mind is a "severance package" or "severance pay" which comes as a result of being laid off, or the terms of compensation for an employee ending services rendered for an employer.

Severance can also more bluntly be regarded as the "severing" of something. Severance also means the ending of a relationship. It can mean a "breaking off of a friendship" to sever the ties of the relationship and or agreement. In law it can be referred to as a "a division into parts, as of liabilities or provisions; removal of a part from the whole."

So, when I first started looking at the word severance I had a small reaction, "as like oh shit...I was looking to see the awesomeness in Perseverance...and now I have found "Severance" which can easily be regarded as something that is seemingly so much less than awesome"

What's interesting about this initially observed reaction I that I took the opportunity to investigate the extent of it...which yielded some insight I would like to share.

So, in facing the fact of the matter that relationships do in fact end...that people do in fact lose their jobs...that death is a very real matter of our existence here...I began to wonder why it is that I regard the "end" of various forms of relationships as "bad". Within this self-reflective examination I noted how I have been conditioned within the tendency to immediately classify information with a particular connotation of being either "good" or "bad"....and within this it is not to say that "good" and "bad" do not in fact both exist here...but to see the interdependence of both "good" and "bad" here and that good and bad is really beyond the relationship association of my feelings and or emotions attached to information.

OK, so to bring more clarity to my investigation here, I became aware of the fact that I wasn't able to see the "Good"within the apparent "bad" this particular specifically it could be "good" for Severances to occur. So, this lead me on another Quest as the Question brought through the answer here for me to see...and that being, "aha, hey, look, it is in fact really supportive in one's process of development to remediate the mistakes that have been made"...Which infers that in order to live "Perseverance" One must in fact Sever relationships that are contradictory to the well being of one's ambition, goals, process of learning and expanding a particular skill set. For example, and this is a very elementary example:

"Bobby wants to be a writer but spends all his time playing video games"....See, for Bobby to begin writing here, he has to "change" the nature of his relationship to playing video games all the time. Within this relationship here, "See" that he does not require to cut out video games from his life completely...he just needs to change the dynamics of his relationship with video that he can enable himself the Time to cultivate a new relationship with Writing."

So, this is an interesting example here because this reflects to me a point of fine-tuning "Change"...and also the point of "Recognition"...where there is a sort of re-alignment happening within One's cognition/awareness Here.

So, Obviously I am illustrating but 1 example of an "Adjustment" required within and as a point of understanding "Perseverance" as the changing nature of our relationships here.

So, also note here, that it is not to say that in practically living the effectiveness of "Perseverance" that some relationship connections will  be seemingly deleted/cut-off completely.  I say here "seemingly" because of for instance the "stopping" and or "breaking" of a particular habit. However, if you look closely here,even though you stopped your particular relationship association with the habit here....does it in fact mean that lets say You cut-off/cut-out video games completely from your doesn't in fact mean that video games are now non existent within the greater shared reality which we are all in fact a part of. So, see here how it is basically always the relationship dynamics that change of a point in like "What is the starting point of and as Our Association Here?"

Oneness and Equality is the Starting point of and as Our Relationship/Agreement Here. Obviously here, within this understanding and insight is "where" in fact Our "Perseverance" is required and practically able to be lived as the self-correction of cognitive-dissonance into and as the "Joy" to the World/Words in and as the restoration of Life Being and Meaning Precious and Premier Value that will be protected, supported, regarded, recognized as what is Creative and Structured Assistance and Support as the Best Giving and Receiving Relationship Agreement.

What's so cool in various degrees/dimensions of "Awesomeness" here is the fact that each One of us is a self-reflection of and as the "terms" of and as "Our" "Agreements/Relationships" here. So, Here, I again emphasize the importance in understanding Our Word/World Relationships Here as the basic tenants in and as our ability/capacity to cultivate the development of harmonious gift givings.

Note: to "Play" with what we "Say" is how we "Service" Our "Work" and "World" from day to day as the meaning of "Life Gift-Giving" as Our "Today" which is always Our "Present" Sharing the Life of Our Words Our Creative Structured Support In "Walking" Our "Talking" as What it means to in fact practically live Our "Words"

I commit myself to living Perseverance within facilitating a Practical Living World that is Best for All Life.

Perseverance is steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.

Words synonymous with Perseverance include:

persistence, tenacity, determination, staying power, indefatigable, steadfastness, purposefulness; patience, endurance, application, diligence, dedication, commitment, doggedness, assiduity, tirelessness, stamina; intransigence, obstinacy; informal stick-to-it-iveness; formal pertinacity; "in a competitive environment perseverance is an invaluable asset"

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