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Thursday, 10 April 2014

Day 622 Information Application

Continuing from the previous post.

What is interesting about the point of information application within myself is that as I investigate my mind it isn't so much that I actually stop the information from existing within me as it is that I self-correct my relationship to the information. What I mean by correcting the information is removing any limiting biases upon the information where as the information is tainted with speculation from within and as a form of self-judgment...specifically resonating with a particular energy charge...which reflects a point of dissonance in relationship to the actual information...because the information is the information...and having a particular feeling or emotion about the information becomes a point of influence as like a weakness in character...where the equality of character can be compromised in moments as a result of having particular reactions in one's day to day living that correlate to the information where there is a particular energetic resonance.

It's interesting because reactions are like terrorist attacks. Sometimes it's only self-inflicting...but other times it causes/triggers a reaction in another...which also is self-inflicting...and what sometimes happens...well many many times happens within our shared that there is many many chain reactions happening...people being triggered and just kind of acting out how they feel about a particular point...from the starting point of and as their feeling and emotion on the matter...and what is interesting about this is that self-reflection is required in order to change the information application within self. Meaning, that as long as there is a particular energetic resonance in relationship to particular information...there is going to be a controlled outlook and behaviour that will play in order to changed the automated behaviour playout and the information control and requires to change the starting point in relationship to the information. I call this the point of self-correction. Because the information is always a point of self-reflection so to speak.

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