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Thursday, 10 April 2014

Day 623 Information Assessment

When and as I see myself looking at information where I have a particular formed relationship connection/impression, I stop and breathe, I say, "I am here", I see/realize/understand the impracticality of taking personally the information I am examining/investigating. I see/realize/understand how forming a reaction to a point/question of self-realization is ridiculously absurd. I see/realize/understand how I can in fact look at information within myself without being consumed/possessed/influenced by the information within myself. I commit myself to rigorously self-investigating myself here as something I am passionate about. I commit myself self-enjoyment within the process of self-reflection and self-correction. 

When and as I see myself going into the particular energy that is associated with the information that I am looking at that exists within my mind, I stop and breathe, I say, "I am here", I direct myself to respond in a way where I give myself the best support and assistance in changing my ingrained acceptances and allowances. I commit myself to changing my acceptances and allowances that are not in alignment with what is best for all Life here. I commit myself to operating/existing/expressing from within the starting point of and as what is best for all Life here.

I commit myself to becoming more and more specific within and as my process of self-investigation.

I commit myself to Specificity within my communication...and I commit myself to Specificity within and as my Journey to Life.

I commit myself to developing Specificity as a Cool point of and as Self-Expression.

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