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Sunday, 20 April 2014

Day 630 LazzzzzzzY

It's funny and fun to see words for what they are. I was looking at the word "Lazy" today. I wanted to understand why "Lazy" is in fact what it is.




La Z Why the french "the"....also I noticed that "La" means an imaginary paradise.....a dream land if you will...

"Z" I associated with catching some Z' to sleep...thinking how the letter Z is commonly associated with sleep from the perspective of getting some Z's. "Z" is slang for sleep. "Z" is the 26th letter of the alphabet...the last letter i n the sequence of's at the end

"Y" sounds like "why"..."Why" is the answer/explanation of something...a reason or purpose.

So, looking at why lazy is is obvious that it is because it is what it is...I mean everything is what is because. As the cause that be why...the we've sold it so...said it say...the spell of and as our spelling here. be to be a sleep in it's reasoned/purposed excused justification to limit ability/functionality...explains the postponement or lack of effort on a the doing of a task..

Being lazy is to be sleeping while a in an imaginary the ultimate mind fuck...choosing to disregard physical movement...

When You are Lazy...You need to wake Up and stop being so LAZY...You can't be really awake and presently here when you are lazy...because lazy is like a mind trance state of mind...where there is a lack of self-willed motivation to move/express/live/be here....which is ironic in and of itself because...LAZY is a focused committed decision and choice

It's interesting to see the work involved in being purposefully working on not working...putting effort/energy into a resistance towards self-expression,

LAZY is not far off from HAZY...which is some what closely related in structure to CRAZY....which can mean all sorts of things and is more complex in it's definition if you have a look because crazy is to see our A-Z and understand Why as the understanding of what is here.


Next time You see that You are being Lazy, Look and Understand Why You are being "Lazy" and Make the Decision to WAKE THE FUCK UP!

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