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Friday, 21 February 2014

Day 593 Postponed Greatness?

Planet Earth is the place Here as Heaven on Earth. Obviously the living potential on planet earth is being largely suppressed due to the conditioned nature of humanity. Within and as this consideration, the question comes up, "Why are we postponing the living of Greatness as Heaven on Earth Here? I mean what the fuck?"

So within exploring this point and seeing how I have enabled the point of postponement to exist within myself at an individual level, I see and realize how a species is creating disharmony and Hell on Earth. I see Greatness as the end game result of our potential...and the question here is why the fuck do we postpone access to our full potential as greatness. Obviously that isn't a very great thing to do...and were at a very primitive point within our education process where were learning through horrendous consequences the result of our own self inflicted postponement/acceptances and allowances. 

Like for instance, lets look at how even accepting and allowing a point of lets say, "Things just can't be perfect...a Heaven on Earth is like some bullshit fairy tale dream." Why perpetuate such a belief and outlook? What good does this serve? Does this just contribute to the postponement of seeing that you know, Heaven on Earth is in fact possible through and as the fruits of our labor here? So if Heaven on Earth is in fact as simple as the end results of and as the fruits of our labor here, Why the fuck would we postpone the self-direction in and as the harvesting of our labored efforts as what is best for Life? Obviously there is some educational issues here that require reassessment. 

It's interesting to see how absolutely fucking retarded our thoughts/feelings/emotions can be...I mean within really investigating the extent of our acceptances and allowances it becomes ridiculously obvious how at an individual level we have created the Hell on Earth that exists within and as the human like the walking dead...walking zombies...and this point of zombification is the result of our self-automated perpetuation within and as our constant and continuous reaction as the rooted nature in and as our thoughts/feelings/emotions.

So, what has become ever so blatantly apparent to me is the self-responsibility I bestow to take accountability for my every thought/feeling/emotion. I mean really look at how ridiculous it is to create a justification as an excused way out of participating within and as a point of greatness. It's like as a result of our education here we've been taught to forge connections and make sense of things as our justification within and as just if I see a tie on...I can tie everything all together and make sense of everything as my reasoned justification/excuse/validation/belief/religion...that this is the way things are/ours as a result of my/our forgery/crime against Life education indoctrination. 

What we resist will persist. So if we resist greatness than resisting greatness will persist...but I mean this is completely ridiculously absurd and if we keep at a point persistently than we actively activate the potential to exist in learning to understand/realize/create the impossible...making the impossible possible as simply becoming I am possible within and as the realm of possibilities that always exist. 

To be Continued

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