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Friday, 14 February 2014

Day 588 Personal Self-Interest?

"Do I fear letting go of my personal self-interest?"

Within looking at this question I see there are words I must investigate more in order to have a well rounded response/answer/solution here.

The words I am looking at here are "personal", "self" and "interest".

In looking at the words "personal self-interest", I ask myself, "is there any other kind of self-interest?" Can Self-interest exist beyond personal self-interest...or can Personal Self-Interest be expanded by enabling and harmonizing Personal Self-Interest to work congruently with Interpersonal and Universal Self-Interest?

Why have I primarily only regarded Self-Interest to exist on a personal level? Do I see and realize the disharmony that results from neglecting to simultaneously regard Self-Interest on a Personal/Interpersonal/Universal level?

Can Self-Interest exist and be aligned in and as personal/Interpersonal/Universal physical embodiment of what is best for all Life?

I'm questioning the outflow of my past behaviours from the starting point of neglecting to regard and consider Interpersonal Self-Interest and Universal Self-Interest...and how Personal Self-interest took precedence over the others.... the consequence of such an outlook participation is interesting because when the starting point of me/self is separation/private than the public good(s) is harmed in the process because of and as an unfortunate chain reaction... started from a place of this dissonance resonates throughout existence as my contribution/participation within and as our shared existence here.

Now, what I am noticing here is that it is important to get out of the singularity mentality as the either or of one or the other...because we are in fact multi dimensional beings...and so there are always many facets/dimensions to see.

To be Continued

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