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Sunday, 23 February 2014

Day 595 Mourning Morning!


Mourning sounds like Morning.

Mourning is what people typically do when someone they like/love dies.

Is it possible every time you wake up from sleeping, You die a little bit more?

I've heard it said that sleep is the cousin of death.

Interesting how many many many people are challenged by the waking up in the morning point.

Interesting how the word relationship to Morning may be be impacting how the practical living of the word Morning is put into application. It's like if a word exists within ourselves with a particular programmed behaviour condition/reaction/energy that can result in us not realizing and understanding why some things are so seemingly difficult.

The word "Morning" is a word I have not taken the time to really investigate and play with for myself within and as a point of self-in-to-me-I-see...hehehe....self-intimacy!


As part of my playing around with the Morning I am taking it upon myself to begin my writing exploration and self-forgiveness process/applications...and self-corrections in the morning as a way of playing with me here in the Morning.


More Ning!

To be continued

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