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Saturday, 8 March 2014

Day 602 Conflict of Interest

I find the point of "conflict of interest" to be a ridiculously absurd scenario that is far too regularized within society.

Here is why:

I see that "Interesting" comes from Interest and so I relate the point of "conflict of interest" to that of "Conflict of Stimulation"...Meaning that it is Obviously All about being Stimulated....and being Stimulated particularly in the right know the right kind of stimulation....which is an interesting thing within and of itself, because getting rubbed the wrong way is stimulation too.


I notice, "Conflict of Interest" to be about unfavorable masturbation....I mean getting rubbed the wrong way.

What the fuck is unfavorable masturbation?

Unfavorable masturbation I see as having 2 main outflows:

1)Mental masturbation: getting worked-up/stimulated emotionally about something. To put it bluntly, being triggered and reacting to some dumb ass bull shit

The irony is that all forms of mental masturbation are self induced. And being triggered by some sophisticated clever intellectual shit is one and the same as reacting to some dumb as bull shit.

I see that this is a consequence of being addicted to fucking with yourself to such an extent that you believe you can't have the good fucking without the bad fucking.

What a stupid rationalization this is, "You can't have the good without the bad".  This induces the mentality that you must be bi-polar. Like, in a win/loss relationship with yourself. Fighting for peace. Like deliberately giving yourself pain/grief/sorrow/depression/despair as the necessary chemical concoctions believed to be necessary to extract the experiences of ecstasy/pleasure/relief/happiness. 

2) Physical Masturbation triggered by Mental Masturbation: jerking off to porn/desire/fantasy...rubbing one out because you're all worked up.

Now, some of you may be wondering like, 'what the fuck' the fuck am I suppose to rub one out...or, 'oh shit, rubbing one out with porn is a conflict of interest'...what the fuck, I don't get it...or maybe something along the lines of, 'you think what I am saying is total bullshit'...and well...fuck...if there's been any reaction to my words...than I've just helped you rub one out...triggering your conflict of stimulating....

To Be Continued

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