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Friday, 5 December 2014

Day 679 - What are We Doing Here?

It's interesting to examine the relationships one has. In always all ways. I mean look, how many relationships do we in fact even have? Does any One person Know how many relationships they are in fact a part of? It has become obviously apparent to me the vast interconnectedness that exists here as Earth. At the moment, I am not even certain as to how many relationship interconnections..,are taking place within my body...and for that matter...outside my body....and....on my for example how much bacteria is there on my skin? What's going on exactly? The point I am getting at here is that relationships are paramount for Our Being Here. We are Here as a result of relationships. Things are the way they are because of relationships. What I have interesting and fascinating it to examine and study relationships. This studying I regard as a point of reading. Essentially, all we do is read....You know, read the situation...what's happening....communication is key....relationship interplay is a result of communication. I mean, when you think about it....there's really no choice But Communication existing Here. Think about it. We are all here sharing a particular amount of space...and within this space we are in proximity to one another. Relatively speaking. Fascinating stuff really.

I was talking to a University student today, who I did a reading diagnostics test for. Well, actually I talked to several students at the which I administered reading diagnostic tests for.

What was interesting about my sharing today...was the discussions I had about Vocabulary. I had a particularly interesting discussion with a computer programming student. The student had very poor vocabulary recognition and his reading speed was below average. He, as also a few others...were dismissing the importance of Vocabulary in this day and age....where we have access to applications like Google.....the thought reasoning being....why would I even need to know how to spell correctly when Google knows....

I explained to him that his poor reading ability was directly related to his relationship with words. Meaning that words are like codes...and that essentially reading is adding up all the variables/codes/equations/formulas to get to the actuality and expression of the matter being shared. You know, basic addition here....the accounting if you will.

This point clicked with the computer programmer....because he could relate it to his effectiveness writing code....from the perspective that he could see that he would not be very effective writing new scripts and applications if he didn't effectively understand the various codes he was using...and that in fact he would be highly in effective in his using code to create things if he did not realize and understand the code.

This is what is happening here. Everyone is existing within code. The irony...the cosmic joke if you that everyone is the butt of the joke....a parody of sorts. There is so much communication happening all the time....within how we react and or possible respond to others is so much so a result of what he have accumulated within ourselves earlier....our relationship coding if you will.

It's interesting to regard the point that we are all a part of a systematic program. Some may proclaim that it's creepy....others that this is hog wash....,or fantasy....or tell you that you've seen to many sci-fi movies....or that this is a really cool topic of discussion....others may suggest that this is something they don't want to talk about....or regard at all....others may say it's scary....
The point that our response ability to any particular point is based on our programming. Our learning if you will....

Now, learning is a real interesting thing. Because if we dare to question our learning...and how it is in fact we learn...and why perhaps there is a tendency for people to stop having a passion for learning as they get older....there's some serious insight available....

Notice how information is presented in the news on television...and the protocol around such a production. It is very regimented in a particular way. Notice how the News reporters speak. Notice the particulars of everything.

Why is it that noticing the particulars of everything seems perhaps like a daunting and even possibly arduously endless task?  Is it because we have been conditioned in a way where we are believed to be so far removed from the actuality of what is totally happening here within ourselves. Within our cells? Have we perhaps suppressed our access to ourselves? Does this explain the drug and alcohol culture of experimentation?

Now, if you regard that our individual state of a result of particular relationship conditions...and that essential the state of our world system is also a result of particular relationship conditions. Interesting how an affair can be a regarded as a bad something know like a cheating on your partner/lover.  While, when the word is regarding our state of affairs, this is not necessarily's more of a neutral our business dealings....our happenings if you will...

What is quite interesting about the english that there is so many and as the wording of words....the context of things....which is interesting in and of itself....because, the idea and fact that there can be discrepancy in realization...and even understanding has profound consequences on our individual mixed signals....mixed messages, is a point of confusion really...

Look at how our legal system exists....are you familiar with all the laws and legislation that exists....all the legal code.....the meaning of all the legal terminology? Isn't this important if we are governed by law? What does that say about our individual relationship with words? I mean, have you really investigated your relationship with every word you know. How well do you really know all the words in you vocabulary? Do you ever notice how particular words act as like forms of triggers....uhm, you a form of stimulation for your mind....that leads to particular emotion or feeling about other things beyond the initial word some words have a lot of personal attachment to them.

Look at your thoughts. What are your thoughts primarily about? Is there any reoccurring the same themes cycle...time loop like a television series....where you are entertained or distracted with particular programming on a daily basis? Have you considered that each of us determines our we are tuned in and out of whatever programming that is running? what's your thoughts regarding programming? Are you the source programmer?

Does it seem difficult to do anything out of the ordinary? Like, to dare to act in away that you are not accustomed to? Do you think this is because you are operating within a particularly conditioned program?

To be Continued

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