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Monday, 22 December 2014

Day 686 - Christmas Irony

"...The Spoiling of Our gifting Inheritance opportunities Here" (Mike McDonald - Day 685-The Interconnectedness of Good and Bad)

Let me begin by sharing some common synonyms associated with the word "Irony":


There are 2 Very Common Antonyms associated with the word "Irony":


The roots of the word Irony, As well as "Socratic Irony"stem from the early 16th century via Latin from Greek.

See earlier meanings as:

'Simulated Ignorance'



Let us now look at commonly accepted definitions of Irony:

The expression of one's meaning by using language that normally signifies the opposite, typically for humorous or emphatic effect.

A state of affairs or an event that seems deliberately contrary to what one expects and is often amusing as a result.

A literary technique, originally used in Greek tragedy, by which the full significance of a character's words or actions are clear to the audience or reader although unknown to the character.

Do You Realize the Christmas Irony?

The "Christmas Irony" is but one example outflow of the Irony that exists here.

Whether You realize the "Christmas Irony" or not may reflect your "Character" your participation within your acceptances and allowances here. Note the third common definition of irony listed above in italics. This definition can also be referred to as 'dramatic irony'.

The Irony of "Christmas" is that we are the very Butt of the Joke....and the popular funny of the a most unfortunate, tragic comedy....a reflection of our historical re-cycling...a re-presenting...if you will of the acceptances and allowances of the regard/lack-of-regard of the Human Condition...and for the Value of All Life Here.

Here are some Socratic Irony Exemplification!

Isn't it better that the sentiments of "Christmas" know, 'the spirit of giving'...and, 'good timing and good cheer'....are only a 1 day out of the year living?

I can't imagine how problematic the world would be if everyday was like "Christmas"....Can You? It would be so difficult to perpetuate the upkeep of War.

There are a lot of cool values/principles associated with "Christmas"...I wonder if we Humans as a species, really lived and honored such principles daily....what would happen?

There's not enough time to have "Christmas everyday"...I mean, there's a different amount of hours in a day on Christmas....isn't there?

Do You think Heaven on Earth...if there were to be an everyday heaven on earth....that, it would reflect something along the lines of the most amazing Christmas story ever...where all Life was presented and regarded here...and shared and valued as the gift giving self-expressions we are?

Must there exist an equal relationship of Very Good and Very Bad?

How special a time of the year is Christmas generally regarded as?

Would you say that typically every other day, shares the same "specialness" as Christmas?

Isn't it interesting how a 'holiday' such as "Christmas" can be organized in such a way to accommodate a rather relaxed work day?

Is it impossible to imagine a constant giving and receiving experience? Like, where there is a continuous movement and momentum as the flow of the go continuing in and as what is going a harmonious playing and working together that is a seemingly endless production that is Awesome in Magnificence as the marveling gratitude being the accepted and allowed great attitude accommodating the value and regard for all Life here?

Do You See any Christmas Irony in the Current Human Conditioning as Our Wold System Collective Expression?

Notice there is an "Awe" about Awesome and Awful. Awful is like the overdose of the consequence of a serious dissonance....extreme wealth and extreme poverty for example.....a too muchness if you will.....where destruction is the result.

Isn't Awesome Construction much more sustainable and a logically sound investment when and as you consider the alternative to Awesome construction, being the awful truth constriction which is filled with the holy shit the current tragic comedy here?

Remember, As you celebrate this Merry Merry Christmas...what an absurdly ridiculous joke you are....Now it is very very important not to rebel against Christmas....because the only thing more absurdly ridiculous than something that is absurdly ridiculous...Is fighting against something that is absurdly ridiculous....because in doing that you perpetuate and substantiate the ridiculous absurdity...and actually fuel the existence....of the most unfortunate tragic comedy you wish to remedy.

Stand Equal and One with the Joke You are.

Never forget,

You are a Joke!



Make it a good one....the balance between good to bad is out of wack.....

Creative Cool Please!

Regurgitating Repeating isn't working unless it's working...and how many times do you really want to regurgitate the same shit? or Wait...isn't that the regurgitate like the way to keep on feeding and feeding Bullshit?

Pardon my Shit, lets Substantiate it.

Merry Self-Forgiveness ! ?

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