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Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Day 681 - Reading Ability

Questions facilitate insight.

Recently, I have been extensively questioning my reading ability...and specifically, my reading potential.

I have been examining the process in how I was educated to read. I have been questioning this process. For instance, I have noticed that I do not require to sub-vocalize in order to read effectively. Sub-vocalizing...means, to speak the words aloud to yourself.  Realizing this point about sub-vocalizing within reading is a fascinating development for myself. The average person is said to speak somewhere between 200-250 words a minute. I heard that around the fastest a person could speak was about 600 words per minute. These facts explain why most people read 250 words or less a minute. 

What I find interesting about asking myself that I present myself support and assistance in answering questions without consciously thinking about the question constantly. Like the question exists in me, as does the answer and solution...and in a way it's a self movement kind of self intimacy in realizing the answer/solution. What's interesting about this is that I can reflect internally as well as externally to support self-realization in effectively processing information.

Reading, is essentially processing information.

Today I have been learning about mental photography (see Richard Welch)..a sort of speed reading if you will. What I find interesting about this approach is that you work with your natural learning you learned to do so many things within the first 5 years of your life....naturally....without even thinking about it.

Interesting consideration is that most people go to school to learn......

What is interesting about this consideration is the fact that we learned an exceptional amount of things within the first 5 years of our life before we even went to kindergarten.

I didn't realize or really consider until today how tediously slow the learning process is within the schooling system in terms of how we are taught to move through material. Before today, I didn't really consider that we are being educated in public education at an extremely slow rate.  I mean, if you consider how many years a kid is in school until they finish school....say 1 or 2 years of 12 years of grade school....before deciding whether or not to go to college or university...which could be another 1-10 years. WOW! It's really quite absurd to consider that you go to school for 12 to 14 years before you decide if you are ready to work or you are ready to study within a particular college or university so that you can get a specific profession that you need to have a particular degree/diploma from a college/university in order to qualify for the job/position/title.

I just watched a video about 'how to be reasonably good at anything within 20hrs'. This isn't to suggest that you will be a world class professional in any particular area in 20hrs....though it is suggested that with specific focus and attention on particular wants and asking the right questions...and the right is in fact reasonable to become reasonably good at many skills.

What's also that I was listening to the Guinness book of world records Speed reader....Howard Berg, talk about how he reads 80 pages a minute...and how a little while ago he agreed to do a seminar on Photoshop...even though he did not have much knowledge about the particular specifics of Photoshop. He educated himself extensively within a week and put on a seminar for many professional photographers who were very impressed with his seminar and wondered how long it took him to learn so much about Photoshop....he made a joke about it....and said, "Oh, a really long time"

It's interesting to regard ourselves as like forms of sophisticated technologies....for the way our body is set up....essentially how we we are photographing....and scanning images....I've also been looking at laser printers lately...which print pages of information very boom all at once done...I recently purchased a kind of lower priced laser printer that prints around 30 pages a minute. 

What about reading 30 pages a minute. My laser printer does that consistently every time I send it a print job. It's programmed to operate at that level.

Howard Berg has programmed himself to read 80 pages a minute...consistently. 

I am most fascinated in exploring and sharing awesome potential. We are at a point in time where it is as important as ever to share awesome potential. We have the capacity to create a programmed reality that facilitates the best support and assistance for All Life in All ways. 

To Be Continued

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