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Saturday, 20 December 2014

Day 685 - The interconnectedness of the Good and Bad

What's interesting and is often neglected is the correlation of events and the influence and impact that different events/actions cause as a rippling effect and outflow in seemingly far away places...where one could think that nah it's all good here....the problems over there are totally non related to the good here....that's their problem....I don't have to really regard it over here because all is "civilized" orderly.

I was reflecting upon the interconnectedness of Countries and Money...and within this trade relationships...the buying and selling of things....from, human trafficking, the vegetable literally Everything else you could possibly think of!

I've noticed a general point of dissonance in accountability, regard,the consideration, care, thought, and responsibility towards the inhumane acts that happen seemingly so far away from a person's doorstep.

I recall myself as a young child doing some math on accountability in this world in regards to how things function at a global level. My assumptions and understandings at the time of my questioning in to the functioning of whole earth here....meaning, how all human activity exists...and nature and everything else....And the answer I got....was that there are Scientists...and Professionals in Every field of study...and they are working in these areas to maintain and to further the develop of these areas of study. So, from that perspective at this early age in my life....I was like OK,...So, I don't really require to busy myself in any of these particular areas of study...because there is so many people on the job and lining up for the jobs....So, I rather just focus on myself and playing....because it seems as though everything is covered,...and is being taken care of. I mean, I was quite happy about telling myself, "OK, everything is taken care of...I am therefore free to do whatever I want".

Though what is interesting about this perspective and outlook is that a new question came up in regards to the poverty conditions throughout the world.

This point of questioning was never able to be explained to me in a way I could believe. From my perspective, Nobody really knew why exactly things were the way they are....Like nobody could really explain to mean the benefits of not fixing the poverty problem, Lots of people informed me that the conditions that exist here as the most unfortunate and the most just a result of the way things are....and that getting people to change the way things are is not really practical or possible because this is how things are. Or, best not to concern yourself with such frustrating questions/issues and rather focus on something that is more enjoyable to you.

Today I saw a story about sex trafficking in Thailand. I also saw a story about a tremendous amount of Tires found in the bottom of the Waters in the United States of America.

As of result of reflecting upon these stories....I got to thinking about how life is valued/devalued...disregarded....and the whole costs of living within this perspective...where there is such a dissonance about human functioning here as an actual worth being....I mean, looking at the point of Profit Here and Money...and how we value or de-value substance here....whether it be a "Tire" or a "child" or anything else that is a matter of fact.

What's interesting to regard is the question, and answer: "How to effectively accommodate the best living habitat for all Life Here" and "What is required for each species to thrive here",,,"what labor agreements are required for each species to effectively contribute to the total collective of Species Harmonious Symphony/Orchestra....the potential exists for the human species to take a governing role as Conductors of the Symphony....perhaps more appropriately titles Guardians of the Orchestra...or Regulators...or Sound enablers....or Support Workers....."

Interesting to regard a correlation with the Human Species of Government here on Earth where each Human is in fact a member of the Government...and the correlation with the established relationships with Country's of Government....where it is accepted as a most amazing disgrace in terms of general levels of approval and satisfaction....from both people within a particular country and people outside of a particular country.

Interesting the control among our own human relationship to our movement into generating/creating global solutions to the the problems that exist.... I mean the shape of consideration and regard in many instances doesn't exist beyond the sphere of one's immediate family relationships....which, in and of itself reflects a point of dissonance in education as the general self-reflective regard and appreciation of what in fact Life entails here.

This education process reflects the recycling we are typically born the history repeating itself....where there is the tradition of keeping up with the beliefs of the authorities/parents....or a complete rebellion and disregard....a generally accepted and allowed war ensues and has continued through our timing here.... I mean, isn't it interesting that a means of wealth creation is through the perpetuation and re-creation of conflict....stimulating conflict....temporary short sighted conflict resolutions which are more like a re-loading of ammunition and fire power to only strengthen and upgrade the battle the expansively expensive defense mechanisms as the fight/war has been bought and sold as the propaganda worth dieing for....the disposal and consumption of human life....factory farming....human serving...much like the nature of all life much in regards to the established Human Species hierarchy of disregard.....where a Harmonious togetherness has been educated as that which we must fight against at all costs...though the core curriculum is one of confusion through a dazed and confused manipulation through tremendously layered deception as the latest advancements in human inception....the great deception...our very acceptance and allowance into clever manipulation at the expense of Life regard and acceptance....the spoiling of our gifting inheritance opportunities here.

To Be Continued

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