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Sunday, 14 December 2014

Day 683 - Solution Focus

It's interesting to see how our Attitude effects our ability to focus solutions that are best. Gratitude is the Attitude...the One and only really...

Because, have a look....

Anything less than gratitude as the attitude...puts in you a fear state of sorts as less than the potential of response abled awareness.

I've noticed that my response abled applications are totally suppressed when my attitude is anything less than gratitude. Like moving in a point is much more arduous and the temptation to quit and give up before beginning to move effectively is overwhelming.

What's interesting is that having a positive outlook is beneficial to actually learning anything within that which you are participating. Having a negative attitude about participating in like making the decision to kill your potential before you have even given yourself permission to explore the possibilities within your potential.  It's interesting because this is a point of attitude. Positive attitude fits in with gratitude and appreciation. Whereas, a negative attitude is lack there of appreciation and regard for the potential opportunities that have been bestowed to you. See it's interesting that our ability to actually create and have access to great things is so much in the attitude we allow ourselves to exist within.

Let me give you some examples.

My French language skills are very poor. Yet I had opportunity to have excellent French language skills. I was exposed to much French Language education in school....more english than french...yet opportunity existed at one point had I shown a promising development in french language skills, that I could have made a transition in having more french time and less english time at school.  I however made a decision early on in my elementary education that french isn't worth my time...that I don't want to learn French....french is stupid...I just want more physical education....gym class...

I can even recall goofing of in french classes to such a degree where I was encouraging others to compete with me in seeing who get the lowest scores on the french tests....

 I had an awful attitude about learning french. I had my justifications as to why my attitude about learning french was the way it was. And, logically speaking it made sense to me.  So, I could rationalize my justifications to have a negative attitude and a blatant disregard about the opportunity to learn french. It's interesting because I made french to be like an enemy of me...where I believed that if french didn't exist...or was not necessary as a subject in the school I was attending, than I would have had more gym class.

Similar story with learning piano. I had piano lessons when I was in elementary school. I had a terrible attitude towards taking piano lessons. This negative attitude killed my development potential in piano. I took piano for 2 or 3 years and my development was minimal because I had created a terrible relationship towards learning how to play piano. I did not care about learning piano. Looking back upon my childhood it is unfortunate that I squandered such an opportunity because the opportunity was presented to me...and all I had to do was participate within and as gratitude being my great attitude. However I had made a point of being in conflict with piano...because I placed learning piano to be in opposition with other things I defined to be more worthy of my, ironically in my attempt to spite my parents, I spited myself. Which goes to show...if you treat yourself great....You actually can and will treat others great. Though, it is also true...if you treat yourself like will treat others like shit...and vice versa. Treating others poorly reflections a poor relationship with oneself.

Throughout my life, in successfully learning and developing any skill, there have been some common characteristics/criteria involved....which include: Wanting to learn, a positive regard towards the point in question, being focused on like how I could achieve particular end results/goals/skills...a committed determination that this is something that I am interested in and I will get it...I know I got this in me...I can do this...I am doing this...there is no doubt about it, confidence, lack of fear, persistence, enjoyment, curiosity...A will to learn.

A will to learn.

A will to learn.

A will to learn.

This is the Solution Focus.

The Solution Focus as A Will to Learn, can also be regarded as Creation or Growth development.

To Be Continued

A cool Ted Talk that I watched today that relates to my sharing here today can be viewed at the following link.

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