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Friday, 12 December 2014

Day 682 - Reading into Reactions

Continuing from my previous post, Day 681 - Reading Ability

Have you ever questioned your Reactions?

Questioning your reactions is a way to Read into the explanation of your Reaction. What I find interesting about our Reactions is the opportunity that exists for a split second where we can actually see, understand, and realize within a point of awareness as to why we are in fact reacting. This is a split second moment. However, what is most fascinating, is the fact that following this split second of seeing why it is we in fact reacting to a particular situation....We have the opportunity to remediate the situation within ourselves. This is what I call real time self-correction.

How is this real-time self-correction practically applied?

If we regard our reactions as mistakes, the opportunity exists to learn from our mistakes immediately, so that we do not require to repeat the same mistake over and over.

The quick and easy solution to sorting out our mistakes/reactions in real-time is to take a split second...maybe even a couple of seconds after realizing the extent of why it is you in fact reacted....and Forgive yourself for 'accepting and allowing yourself to react in the way that you specifically realized'.......being specific here is key...because in specifically seeing the mistake you are correcting this particular patterned program within yourself....that has been essentially running within you realizing it...and or not understanding how to actually circumvent the reactive continuation playout of a particular programmed script within yourself.

What I do, after I have forgiven myself in the moment, Is I create a script as a practical living solution...application that I can utilize when I am faced with a similar moment where I previously reacted.

For example, the other day I was in my backyard with my dog and I was looking towards one of the neighbors houses. I have not met this particular neighbor. Anyways, the neighbor opened the door and he was looking back at me...I think, he too was letting his dog outside...however from where I was looking I couldn't see his dog...though fairly certain he has a dog. Anyways, he was looking at me for a moment....and then I considered waving...and then I just reacted and looked away....and then he closed his door and that was that. I could see here in that moment that I had a resistance towards waving to my neighbor....that I want into a fear reaction and turned to avoid a moment of confrontation...funny...because had I actually waved...I may have been faced with a smile and a wave looking back at me...possibly a friendly comment....or perhaps the neighbor would not even have noticed because he wasn't wearing his glasses and he can't see anything without them.

What I did, was my reaction....see the mistake/suppression of my potential expression. Then I forgave myself.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for fearing to wave at somebody who is looking at me who I am also looking at.

I forgive myself for reacting in fear when and as I was faced with the opportunity to wave at my neighbor.

I forgive myself for reacting in fear to waving at my neighbor and turning my head away to avoid eye contact.

When and as I am faced with an opportunity to wave at my neighbor, where we are both looking at each other from a distance, I take a breath, smile and hold my hand up high and wave at my neighbor. I realize it is fun and enjoyable to acknowledge my neighbors and say Hi.

I commit myself to being friendly.

So here is an example template solution as how to effectively read into a reaction....remediate the reaction...and see how one is able to unlock the potential for self-expression in a future moment as a result of taking responsibility for the reaction in the moment. A practical living learning from our mistake if you will.

Best Regards.

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