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Thursday, 29 May 2014

Day 642 Tree planting chapter 6 - physical enjoyment in the movement, beyond money...but is money...

Tree planting chapter 6 - physical enjoyment in the movement, beyond money...but is money...

Today I had a bit of a special mission type of day where I was required to move around from one area to another area...meaning I had to do a bunch of driving to go to various specific work site as a result I had less time available to plant than I have had on previous days and also nobody else was faced with these exact circumstance...the point of money came up in regards to my mood and attitude.

What is interesting that I have noticed in the past how I have allowed myself to become emotional at the prospected fear of losing money...losing out on making more money...and what is interesting that becoming emotional is a hindrance on self-movement here. I have noticed many times as I have allowed myself to get caught up in my mind while tree planting...that my effectiveness/concentration/focus./awareness/timing and coordination diminishes...and sometimes I stumble/trip...slow down...and overall become less effective  and efficient in the work I am doing...what is interesting about this that as I allow myself to commit to the actual physical movement of just moving myself without any emotion and or feeling connotations...but just move me as like a sport activity which I am "willing" myself to excel at my very best potential...I am in fact  operating in a state of flow..."Self-directed flow zone", where I am totally immersed within my physical body...and I am really enjoying the seemingly effortless movement of like a point of style/grace/elite-performance...and the funny thing here is that I am actually giving my full effort/force for the seemingly effortless look...which is interesting...because I am committing my actions all the way here...and what is interesting also about this point, "in and as the importance of self-movement beyond emotions" that,  It is in fact, "money" in and of itself...because...that is true self-expression here...and true self-expression will be rewarded as the fruits of our labor...and from my personal experience within tree planting and also my writing that as I allow myself to trust myself and I commit to directing the "will" within myself to actually move...that I am quite good at achieving fantastic results as a result of and as my self-commitment...self-dedication....and self-discipline..

I see here that this is a very important concept/point/understanding...that our self-movement here determines our reality...especially the state of our affairs/business/relations here.

I mean,

We can look at this at a personal, interpersonal and universal see how your personal life is a result of your movement and participations within yourself as like what you accept and allow yourself to participate within yourself/mind/body/world/words.

 The interpersonal reflects and indicates the extent of our relationships with others that are cultivated and developed through and as our labored participations within them...I say labor...because it is focused work/play...that is seemingly effortless....yet that is because there is a full commitment of focused effort here...and thus our relationships with we interact with a result of how we act with our self there is an interconnection and relation between our personal and interpersonal relationships...which therefore makes it easy to see and realize the extent to which our universal relationships exists our self here in and as the a point of existence like our sound...I mean who we are as the universe...big picture is a reflection of our personal and interpersonal...I mean it s interesting to see the state of world affairs through and as the eyes of self-realization and self-reflection...meaning that nothing can be separate from me here for real....because I am not really separate from anything here.

So, it is important to stop emotion and feeling as a source of self-movement...because the effectiveness of self-expression and fantastic results is therefore suppressed within and as the body energy output that is generated in feeding and maintaining a particular energetic vibration within the body as the activity is participated within...this is a result of the mindfulness in thought...meaning the  attention and deliberate participation within feeding the physical body there is a mental connection with the physical connection...and the more the mental condition and the thinking is indulged within while trying to excel to the best of one's abilities within a physical activity...the success within that physical activity will be strained and limited by one's own fear/mind/lack of focus and self-discipline.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for not realizing and understanding the extent to which I am self-responsible for my physical body self movement here...and that it is me who determines my effectiveness..and the quality of my self-expression as a result of opening myself up to being able and capable of sharing myself as so much more than the limitations of thoughts feelings and emotions.

I see/realize and understand to access and get is in fact effortlessly easy as put in my effort/self-movement,  I allow myself to focus on getting specifically and exactly what I want...however I see and realize the important point that business...and self-expression is not about being emotional...that me as who I  really am...exists way beyond the energetic fear of thought feeling and emotion...and that the crucial ingredient in practical living the process here, is,  self-trust in the self movement here...and the dedication to keep moving..keep focusing...stop is all about self-expression here...

What is cool about self-expression that this is "you" sharing with all the "me's" here...and it's all "me"...and it's all "you" here...which means there is a togetherness agreement here....meaning that we share the same truth and trust like this is both of our estate's here...and so when and as one expresses oneself here from within and as a state of like in the the physical here zone...which is the place here where and as our sound transference ripples in such a way as like the most awesome assistance and support ever.


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