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Saturday, 3 May 2014

Day 638 Tree Planting Chapter 2

It's interesting to see how each of us is the starting point of integral importance in self-determining our effectiveness within and as the point.

Let me clarify here, what it is that I mean:

This morning I noticed many thoughts coming up within my mind as to why it is that i should take the day off of work today. I had many "valid" justifications come up within my mind that were "sound" arguments. I just looked at point after point come up within my like my mind was forming a case for in defense of me going to work...what is interesting about all of that I actually wanted to go to work.

So, I went to work despite having all these thoughts saying I should not go to work.

Interesting, how part way through the day at I was finishing my lunch...there was a return of the thoughts of "giving in to justification of mind"...which is interesting because, again, I could see/realize/understand what was happening here...and so, again, I decided to push the point and get myself moving into my tree planting.

What's also interesting that there was a point within my work day...where I became aware of the fact that someone I didn't expect to be yielding better results/performance than me, was in fact doing so...I mean I knew exactly what it was I was doing...and like how strong an output I was terms of the labored intensity I was putting into the tree planting. OK, so, I noticed a point of ridiculous absurdness...where I didn't ever expect this work colleague of mine to ever perform the tree planting task better than me...I mean to the point where it was like me regarding myself as always superior to this particular being...regardless of circumstances...and I mean this was a "what the fuck situation"...because I noticed...that I went into a "foul mood"...a form of "self-victimization" when I realized that I was apparently "losing in my mind" accordance with  my shaped reality outlook about my work colleague. This brought insight into the point that, I was quite enjoying the experience of myself within the work I was doing before I became aware of the statistics of the situation. So, I saw/realized/understood the absurd ridiculousness of the situation...realized that it is not cool to harbor self-limiting judgement and doubt about another...and that these particular views in which I was holding onto about my work colleague in fact reflect and presented to me points about my character personality here...where sometimes, I would doubt my potential and capability to challenge a particular frame of mind that I am emotion/thought/feeling...And I mean obviously this was a cool point of self-reflection for today because I continued to push that point for myself...and really show myself that I can move beyond the particular mind sets that come up within a moment as like temporary distractions that act as like road barriers...only if I choose to allow myself to be bothered by the obstacles/barriers...which is interesting...because in garnering insight into how the mind operates...what I have noticed is that my mind is like fishing for energy in particular moments like to hook my attention onto a point of the friction can produce an energetic pull on my body to cause strain/stress all in all just perpetuating a cognitive dissonance from really truly expressing myself in my moment to moment movement as the self-expression I am as the starting point of and as self-direction here.

Moving On,

Food is Awesome support. What I became really appreciative of today...was the taking of time to really enjoy a little a a point of reward/treat for yourself as a result of staying focused/working hard on a point...and taking the few moments as a treat/reward...but's a giving of yourself a necessary taking a few moments to that you can continue onward within and as a point of regimented discipline and focus...and to assist and support body stability within process participation here...I see that it is really important to express ourselves within and as the food that we enjoy eating. Like all the little nuances about how we go about taking those few minutes...or five minutes....or ten minutes...or 15 minutes even...for ourselves to stretch out...and enjoy some sort of food and or like the treat(s) we are choosing to treat ourselves with. It's interesting to see how we in fact treat ourselves here...and how we in fact sometimes neglect to really treat ourselves...I mean like what the fuck...I mean isn't life suppose to be like one big treat...a the present is our presents here...and the more were tune in to see what is here the more we can receive all that is here to receive...

I asked a buddy at work today how his day had been going today...half expecting to get a complaint or a positive response that was out of the ordinary...which is interesting because I got exactly an extraordinary response...which was quite simplistic...and the best answer I have every heard from someone responding to the question, "how is your day at work going"...

So, He said, something along the lines of, "All the days are the same to me...there all good...the only day that is maybe a little extra sweeter than the my last day of work..."

This is the Awesome practical living attitude. I was just looking at this outlook in regards to life and like living your day by day...and the death bed being even like no regrets...seeing/realizing/understanding self-here...welcoming a point coming to a close. As something ends...something else the end it begins...and ya...appreciation of the process unfolding here...enjoying the journey...and getting to the destination as like just a little bit sweeter as like that final yabadabdoo in the sense of steps accumulating towards mission accomplished.

A couple more points I would like to open up here:

Force of Competition...what is the motivating force behind Elite performance within competition?

Starting point of Competition...Self-Here..and the challenges/responsibilities we take on as who we are...which is winning/winning...because within and as our self-determination as our steadfast self-discipline we cannot really fail...because any perceived part of the process to becoming better and better...and is a point of recognition...where we enable our self to look at what it is we did and didn't do...and what another did or didn't do...and we can therefore self-reflect constructively within like a point of sharing and caring like how we play with one another like how we say friendly competition....and the point that seemingly opens up and wraps itself up here is that we are the staring point of and as friendly competition...meaning the level of self-intimacy we have with our self...will determine the level of competitiveness we will be willing to exercise within and as our self-movement and as our self-expression.

Competition in the truest sense of the meaning is the support and assistance of self-perfection...and challenging the acceptances and allowances of what is best to get even that what is best can be even better than it like the process of and as self-improvement...until there is no more achieving limitless the whole point always always here...all dimensions in almighty holy more no less than the like one and equal with all here. Self Here.

So, self-realization leads into self-perfection which leads into self got the point...god

So, self-perfection is like the competition going on here...where we are all in the process of supporting and assisting You's and Me's within and as the point of like all is in this friendly competition and journey together and the point is for us to see/realize/understand our self here so that we can actually come to agreement on the terms of our playing field it is important to remember...what is a friendly little competition within getting a bit better...the better bit is a win/ each bit contributes to the win. As above and so below. So within and So without. One and Equal.

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