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Thursday, 29 May 2014

Day 641 Tree Planting Chapter 5 Moving Myself


Tree Planting Chapter 5 Moving Myself

So, In order to move myself effectively whether I am tree planting or not...I have noticed the self-commitment required as a point of determining   the focus concentration and self expression of the movement. I have noticed that when I would allow myself to move from a starting point of having judgement within myself about a particular point of participation....that my ability to function and move at my best ability within the moment is so suppressed as a result of holding onto the emotion and then not wanting to really move...because there is this emotion and judgement about the point...and so there is a hindrance within the ability to really express self in and as the moment.

So, I see/realize and understand the practical living support in creating goals/challenges
Like for instance within tree l allowed myself to motivate myself within the point of wanting to actually do the work...I was eager to actually be as efficient and effective within the work I was doing.

I see realize and understand the value of efficient effective and diligent work.

I see the practically in moving myself within specific applications despite my mind desires of wanting to do something else when I have a specific application that I would actually like to get done. 

I see/realize and understand the decision within the moment, as my "will" to make it happen...despite the momentary thought that comes up within my mind as resistance to getting'r done.

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