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Friday, 30 May 2014

Day 643 - Make It Happen

It's interesting to examine how it is in fact that I am able to make things happen.

Many times I am faced with the point where a feeling/emotion/thought is presented as an obstacle to in fact making something in particular happen.

What I find interesting here is when and as I decide to let go of the thought/feeling/emotion and actually move myself beyond the limitation of the thought/feeling/emotion, I am in fact in the drivers seat so to speak to make "It" this is the point where I enable my ability to "create" here.

It's interesting to see how little I have actually directed for myself here from within and as the starting point of moving beyond thoughts/feelings/emotions as the points of limitation within and and as my actual physical movement here.

What I find interesting about the nature of thoughts/feelings/emotions is that it's like a self-induced hypnotic state/trance....and the decision exist within each individual here how long we in fact remain under the influence of our mind conditioning.

What I see here is cool, is the potential here for self-correction in every moment where we are faced with a point of resistance to "creating" and "expressing" self here within and as a point of self-movement/self-direction.

What is cool, is the self-satisfaction within actually making things happen as a result of moving beyond our self imposed limitation as the thought/feeling/emotions that bounds/binds us to self-manipulation/suppression/limitation/stuckness.


A cool way to test and check this point for yourself is to, when you are faced with a task that you would in fact like to complete...but then a thought/feeling/emotion comes up as like a distraction as the "justification" to circumvent actual action within the for a moment or a few moments...just look at the thought/feeling/emotion..and your experience within it...and actually relate/reflect it upon the point you in fact would actually like to make happen. What will become obvious here is that there is like a self-induced restraint and heaviness to actually being able to move into making the specific point, as long as attention is given to the thought/feeling/emotion that is "justifying" non action within a particular point of's like by allowing the thought/feeling/emotion to remain's a point of actually acting and accepting and allowing a "reason" and "justification" to exist as the self-hypnotic spell that keeps one from being able to effectively and efficiently self-direct and self-move here within a capacity to actually "make happen" what it is in fact you would actually like to "make happen".


For an example, say you are going to do the dishes...and a thought comes up that says, "i'll just watch a show before I do the dishes"...try pausing for a moment...notice here this is a point where it's like you almost don't know what to do...because the fact that the thought came up...reflects a consideration in moving in a particular way...and the fact that you just like enabling you to see...that there is in fact still a pull/push towards the thought which is connected as a feeling/emotion.

Now, Commit yourself to moving on the point of actually just doing the dishes...and see what is there any more thoughts/feelings/emotions that come up...see here how we can move beyond our mind conditioning.


This basic example illustrates how you can actually exist and operate/function here beyond automated reactions/directions as how you are suppose to move based upon the energy of a thought/feeling/emotion that you have previously created a relationship about within your mind.

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