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Friday, 2 May 2014

Day 637 Tree Planting Introduction and Chapter 1

OK, So, I am here in Vanderhoof British Colombia at the moment in a motel apartment.  I am tree planting for the next three months. Staying in a motel apartment while tree planting is considered luxurious accommodations. Most people who go tree planting stay in a bush camp somewhere in the middle of nowhere...meaning when you get home from got to your tent...camping...camping sounds cool when you doing it in the middle of somewhere or when it is somewhat short lived as like a little vacation....but, when it is snowing off and on the first couple of weeks of the season...camping loses some of it's appeal...not to mention the shower setup in a bush camp...where maybe the first dozen...if that...get a warm shower...from the make shift shower trailer...and then everyone else is stuck with cold water...or just neglect the shower point all together because it's cold outside at night..and you just are soooooo tired that you cant be bothered. Oh ya, I mentioned I am in motel apartment...this is somewhat of a dream tree planting contract...the kind of contract...I heard rumors about in my earlier seasons...that just seemed almost too good to be true.

It's been said before that your body goes through a sort of metamorphosis in the beginning of a tree planting a result of the fact that you will be repetitively using all sorts of muscles that you would otherwise not ever really exert to the extent that you do while tree planting all day.

I believe it was in the late 1950's in Canada, There was a, I believe a Supreme Court ruling that stated tree planting was cruel and unusual punishment for prisoners...(I will verify the facts here if I decide to publish...a book deal about tree planting...)

This is my tenth year tree planting.

I tree plant for the money.

What's funny about after finishing a tree planting season is that you feel strong as ever...beaming with a sense of accomplishment as a result of persevering through the various weather elements and encountering everything nature has to offer...pushing and expanding your physical body limits...socializing with all sorts of people...sharing the tree planting experience....OK, so this isn't the funny part....what's funny about all these that..after having faced adversity so to am calling tree planting after you walk/move through tree planting/ kind of want to do it again...well I have...and I have seen many others experience this very same tendency...I have seen people absolutely commit to finishing the season and then being like that's it that's all, declaring that they will never do it again...only to come around...and and by the end of the season kind of wanting to do it again...

The interesting thing about tree planting is that it really illustrates lots of life lessons:

Some of the lessons include:








Master of Efficiency

Master of Emotions

How to Co-exist with others


Sharing Words of Support


Story telling

Being Silly

There are so many life lessons that I have garnered as a result of tree planting...I am making note here as a a way to stimulate/instigate my memory and also give you an idea of the kind of support I have garnered from the work that I have done and am doing...Also...and this is a big Also...because here, the main point of my sharing here is to illustrate the point and fact that it is within whatever you participate within on a daily basis for some consecutive time that you are able to garner such assistance and support and life lessons if you will...I mean class is in session everyday we are here within the lesson that is always referred to as "Today"

OK, let me tell you what's going on with me at the moment:

"I am sore as fuck"

"I am experiencing new muscle soreness that I have not previously experience before"

I just finished my second day of tree planting...I forced myself to make a note of writing a sharing here as what is going...I took a little cat nap before I began this sharing here because my hands and fingers were too sore/tired earlier to type...I gotta get going soon to bed here...well I am in bed...but I know my body needs as much time as possible to rest as I very strained/sore all over the place.

Oh ya, it snowed out today. I was working for about 10 hours outside today. The temperature was kind of warm for snowy weather...I was actually quite pleased that it was snowing and not raining because...the snow was melting pretty immediately...and it being cold enough for snow...seemed to me that I would get less wet from the snow...than I would have been getting had it been a few degrees warmer and a very cold rain...fascinating what a difference a few degrees makes...nature really exemplifies this point well...the minute difference make all the like it is an accumulation of all the minutes that make the day..its funny how I say "mi-nute"..and minute..yet I initially spell them the same way...

So, I did not want to go to work today at all...when I woke up this morning new body parts were sore that weren't sore when I went to bed. I had all the excuses/reasons/justifications lined up as to validate myself in not requiring to show up for day 2 of tree planting.

My girlfriend insisted on turning the lights on this morning before I was ready to get up. That kind of pissed me off.

I am sharing a place with my girlfriend and another quarters are a little tired.

My girlfriend is mildly annoyed with me at the moment as I type here in bed...understandably so,,its 1030 pm and we gotta be in the truck ready to go at 645am..and she is sore as fuck and tired as fuck...

Patience is key, especially in tree planting environment...not taking offense to any body;s emotions...because oh did they happen from time to;s know what it;s like when you or somebody you know gets all fired up about something.

So, while I was working today, I recalled how a good buddy of mine, his dad mentioned that we should write a book about our tree planting adventures/stories...something or other along those lines...and ya...that's a great my plan here is to write every day for the next 90 days or so as however long the tree planting season ends up going...

SO, i took some video footage in camp a few years ago...well maybe a few years a another one or so...anyways I wanted to put a tree planting reality show I had so much interviews done with people...also so much camp lifestyle and culture was a bush camp that I was in...pretty big camp...some wild parties...some time off in the city in between contracts...young and old people...all sorts of shenanigans...

Someone I was in contact with earlier this year was seemingly real close to aligning with a tv production company to make the reality show happen...don't know what happened...I was waiting to receive my contract in the mail actually...because apparently deals had been mad...and ya...I was picked to be one of the "characters profiled in the show" was joked about in all seriousness that doing this show...would get me my own action figurines in walmarts across north america...and that it would make it a lot easier for me to book stand up comedy gigs..

Anyways this was more of an opening of things up introduction than a chapter one...though I will stick with my title heading for now...

And stay tuned for more story development and insightful sharing/caring/laughter/intrigue...and so much more...

Oh, ya before I say good night...allow me to say "welcome" and "your welcome" as I bring you inside the world of tree planting without actually having to go through the experiences yourself...yet hopefully I will give you much support in the process here for you to employ in your own persona daily you know...well maybe you don't know yet...but everything in life is a lot like tree planting...there i said it...and I'm sure I'll say it again...anywho...tonight I bid you adieu.

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  1. That is really cool Mike. I have been to Vanderhoof and know lots of people who have done the tree planting gig. Thanks for doing that job and reforesting BC!!!!