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Sunday, 4 May 2014

Day 639 Tree Planting Chapter 3 Over Time

So, Today was an interesting day Tree planting because there was a bunch of unexpected things that happened. For instance, the cut block that we were planting didn't have very good road access...and...this required a bit of a hike...well quite a bit of a the very back of the block...then...there was a problem with the quad....which is used to transport the trees...the key went required boxes of trees to be humped in over the shoulder/back...whatever way you look at it...this resulted in extra labor...for the crew I didn't have to do this labor so I well...I had to accommodate the inconvenience and make the best of the inconvenient meeting up at points within the cut block...or near the cut block to get more trees...which would not normally happen...when everything is going according to plan. What else happened...things were not exactly as they seemed on the map...meaning the layout of the area to plant was not exactly clear...this also resulted in some extra unpaid exploration of the area. What of my fellow coworkers got an eye infection the day before because she had her contact in backwards...and she planted all day with it like that...and didn't come to work today...and the area we were scheduled to plant and finish planting...was accomodate so many planters working a full day at this particular sight...So..we ended up staying late trying to finish up the planting...and well we didn't quite finish...despite working for an extra hour and a half...making the work day today eleven and a half hours of planting time...not to mention the 45 minute drive each way in the truck. What else...well...I agreed to work on my day off...going to work with another guy...and finishing the work that we couldn't finish today. So...technically we usually work a 4 and 1 shift rotation...with about 9-10 hours of planting each and another will be working a 9 day shift...

Point here is that things happen unexpectedly...meaning despite best efforts to meticulously plan perfection in every instance...there is a certain amount of adjustment and adaptation required to actually effectively implement...implant the practical living of self-perfection in and as the dealing with various situations/problems/tasks/challenges that are presented...what is interesting to see here about planning is that planning is only part of the process planning is like a nice theory if and as things go according to plan given the calculation and mathematics of everything here...though if you have a look its like we are all our own individual maestro's here as like to really thrive within and as your participations's stand at the epitome of self-responsibility and live gratitude as the great attitude as like the point of self-appreciation here in ever our time to shine so to speak as our every moment opportunity to live that which is best for all life...regardless...because...what is best for all the fucking best....and I mean isn't it all about the best fucking...I mean as the fucking what every little kids is focused on and being the fucking best...and yes...each of us is the fucking;s to see/realize and understand our potential and responsibility to our self as IT here...the fucking best...and to really question what is the fucking best in every moment of and as our participations here.

In the past...I I would like to get all worked up about the unexpected things I kind of liked to complain about them...and ya just basically have a temper tantrum...and ya...I see and realize this was absolutely absurdly ridiculous behaviour...and it's funny to look back at it now...and see how ridiculously absurd it is to go into an emotional state of anger and frustration about a particular even because you do not like the set of circumstances you are presented with.  It's interesting here that just yesterday evening I was talking about the point of learning to like what you don't like...that way you're always all you like it...and you know why you like it...because you can see and realize the assistance and support always. A co-worker said that someone told him that you should only become very good at things you like doing...and that you should never become very good at things you don't like doing...because...if you are not very good at doing the thing you don't like doing...there is perhaps a greater chance that people will not call upon you to do that particular task. Personally I see the self expansion potential within the point of expanding horizons and learn to like what you don't like...kind of like an anti hate type of thing...where you make a commitment to stand as an unconditional point of support here...I mean look...that is what the earth here is....isn't unconditional point of love?

So, working over time... I mean do you ever hear anyone using the expression working under time...I mean it's kind of funny to me...because the over time like the time is over this time thing is like the heaven working over yes in relationship to working a set amount of time and going over that particular duration...however...what I noticed is that to take the unexpected minutes personally as like a financial like a loss of free time occurring...there is a bit of dissonance occurring within and as our creative abilities to express ours self here as the starting point of responsibility...because if you have a look...does the sun have any free time...I mean it;s doing its thing...ok sure it was designed to do a particular thing...or was it...anyways...what I have come to really embody within my moments of participation here is enjoying my work and enjoying my that my work and play are one and equal...and so ya I am at play with my really playing with my work....and working on my play...that way I am always playing with my work and...therefore always improving myself because I am liking what I am doing...and I am always learning new ways to play with myself...haha i said play with myself...not to say life is like jerking off...but I mean it kind of is...OK maybe a bit of a stretch or a scratch here for

Self-movement within our points of practical living participation is key. The question to look at and regard within a point of"How can I best support myself within the practical living of and as my self-responsibility here?"...."How can I play with what is here to work with?"


  1. oh ya, also unexpectedly when I got home from roommate was wearing my shoes...and then he left with my shoes on becuase he said he didnt have any shoes...and then when he came back he was like dude wearing your shoes was so uncomfortable...which kind of illustrates the irony and insigh tiwhitn the point of comfotability within and as our willingness and ability to stand and walk within anothers shoes here...I know I am playing with the situation here a little bit...and yes...being confronted with shoe scenario after work was a bit of a what the fuck situation because you know I was thinking about how I dont want anyone else walking in my shoes...but hey here...what about the point of really living our self expression...the walking of our life so well...that you would gladly swap spots...with another...and or showing another what it is that you see and realize to be awesome so that there is an overall class of profound awesomeness because everyone is a pro at knowing and understanfing some of awe of awe some...ok awesome...haha