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Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Day 744 - Doing Fucked Up Shit Because Authority Said So

Are you familiar with the Milgram experiment?  Click the link to read about how average people will kill people because Authority told them so.

To watch a video showcasing the influence and susceptibility of humans to following along with bad advice because an Authority figure told them so...See this Derren Brown Video on the Milgram Experiment. 

Who are the the firs main points of Authority in you Life?

Your Parents

Have you ever asked yourself what qualified your parents to be Parents?

Should you have to qualify to be a parent?

Did you trust in your parents as a child?

Do you see any parallel's with how society is structured with various institutions of Authority?

See, Parents, Government, Medical Profession, Doctors, Scientists, Teachers, Lawyers, Judges, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Police/Military, Media, Celebrities, Popular Journals/Magazines, and Television

Did you know that when you seek the support and assistance of a Professional in any of the above fields of expertise...the support is but a Professional Opinion. Meaning that based upon the knowledge and information they have collected...the believe a particular way forward to be the best for you.  This doesn't mean that it is true or not true. It means that is an Opinion as to what you should do based upon how the were in fact giving professional opinions about what they should do...and now they have been trained to give those opinions as an occupation based upon following and abiding by so many previous opinions.

What I find interesting here is the point of Trust.  Where thee is often a rational justification to believe what You hear to be true or worthy of your attention because someone who within our world society is defined as being an Authority on Knowledge and Information within that particular field of study.

Is it possible that nobody really knows much about anything and that we have been for a very long time...perpetuating a conditioned behavior response where we mimic our elders and so trust/believe them and shape our Life as a result of what they have said.  How valid is anything that has ever been said, when you consider that so much of whatever has been said, has been regurgitated from somewhere else that was passed on and carried on because of the Trust within the person who said it so.

Are we programmed and conditioned from an early age to make sense of non-sense?

Would you dare to really consider the possibility that who you are today is something totally different than Who You would be if You didn't ever make sense of non-sense...I mean,  trust or believe anyone ever and that for anything to hold true, the point would actually require to be verifiable through self-testing and cross-referencing? A measure of Self-Authorization if You will. What have we Self-Authorized here that is totally fucked up. Who's responsible for the whackness Here?

Maybe this is not the most practical approach...or is it? Does it mean that in order to know that fire is hot you must get burned by the fire? The answer is no. Becoming introduced to Fire for example, you will see and feel the warm of the fire...You do not require to touch the fire to know it is Hot. What about that Fire can burn your skin? if one person is burned by fire as a result of making a mistake and getting to close to the fire, Everyone is able to learn from that mistake and see the consequence of that action....that if you are too close for too long to the fire, You will get burned.

Have You really considered the design of Education in our world? Typically beginning by the parents in the home...and then when you leave the home and go to school....and, every other person encounter.

What is also fascinating is that much of the exchanges of information that take place...come as like forms of commands...where somebody is Telling someone something...often it is an Opinion...which in a way is really a form of like the spreading of Wild Fire....and it spreads and spreads and you share what they said...and they share what they said...and all the while...just kind of operating within and as this perpetuating infections disease in a way....where most of the information that is being exchanged is not of the best benefit to anyone.

Is it any wonder that we are familiar with words like Rape, Molestation, Poverty, Murder, Torture, Punishment, War, Famine, Starvation, Suffering, Disease, Disability, Deceit, Deception, Slavery, Prisoner, Prison, Military, Weapons, Abuse, Fraud, Terrorism, Enemy, Fighting, Survival, Combat, Defense, Offense, Guns, Slaughter, Profit, 3rd World, Sweatshop, Injustice, Crime, Psychopath, Convict.....and the list goes on....

We are directly and indirectly supporting such conditioned behaviors/environments/circumstances as result of how we are accepting Authority to exist here. When you think of AUTHORITY, Do you think of Yourself First and Foremost...or is the point/words separate from You as like the examples I gave above as particular points of "recognized established Authorities"?

Is it interesting to consider and regard that in order to stop the rampant wild fire here, we need to actualize ourselves here as Self-Authority and Question the knowledge and information we have subscribed to whether passively or actively...because We are on Fire here...and The Fire is Burning up the Earth.  Is this Hell? Have we become in such denial that we would not believe and know what Hell on Earth is despite being slowly burnt alive?

Let Manifest Heaven on Earth Forever, Wouldn't that be better than Hell on Earth? Are things in Reverse? Each is the Author in the Creation of Heaven On Earth Here. Note, this does not mean You create your own little bubble Heaven where everything is all good for a start sure....but what about everyone this a competition where some get Heaven at the expense of many getting Hell. What kind of fucked up game/idea is that?

Lets Share the Best of Ourselves Here, and Question what the fuck is going On and ask ourselves what the fuck are we really doing to ourselves as Everything Here?

"It's Hell on Earth, Whose Next or Going to Be First" Mobb Deep, Hell On Earth, from the Album HELL ON EARTH

Oh, did I mention that the Authority is You and has Always All Ways Been You?

So about all that Fucked up Shit....

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