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Monday, 4 May 2015

Day 734 - House Boat...Life Boat...Daily Applications at SEE

A point came up earlier as a point of of our individual lives from the perspective of House's here. This is a cool perspective. What is interesting about this perspective is that those of us who are adults....have to a certain extent or another....fixer uppers from the perspective that there is things within our life developments that we have accepted and allowed to exist within our House/Self here that is less than what is best for our Self/House. So with this perspective in mind, we can't just collapse/destroy our House and start over....because that's like giving up and dieing kind of we Are the fixer upper's and renovator's. Now this is quite interesting because the potential end result is the same as a blank slate fresh start creation....yet the process journey in getting to that fruition is a different path/harvest/renovation.

So, the question comes up:

How much focuses attention do you spend renovating/restoring your House/Self on a Daily Basis?

This was kind of like a wow question for myself....because the point comes up that I have been coping to a certain extent with my house/self here and not really pushing my house/self total potential. There's been a certain amount of like existing within it it...and, kind of dwelling to a certain extent. Which is ironic, because the point does exist within me where I do want to renovate and expand my potential here. The point of preoccupation i see that I have given to much attention to is dwelling within myself/house as like making a big deal and giving to much attention to things that don't really need so much attention from the perspective of renovating and expanding my House/Life.

Let's look at one of the definitions of Dwelling :

Think, speak or write at length about (a particular subject, especially one that is a source of unhappiness, anxiety or dissatisfaction)

I bring attention here because it's a point of recognition to the ridiculousness in perpetuating the existence within Dwelling as a point of unhappiness, anxiety or dissatisfaction.  The irony here is that that the more one gives attention/thinking about that which is unhappy/anxiety/dissatisfaction.....the more one writes the story as the ink in which you think that stains you as the window panes that be your life vision as your in house / self insight as the very actual television programming that was told to after day after day.

Next questions:

What do You tell yourself Everyday?

This is a point of practical consideration and regard.  The game plan if you will. The live action movie script and direction. The plans for the renovation....whether they are the day plans...or the grad plans of many days.

When do you take the time to write/plan/create the incoming days possibilities?

See there is a certain amount of advantage to having a game plan when you are here to get a job done. One is able to be more precise with the days movements and moments when and as one has already created and walked the simulation as the do it yourself how to.

Is the self-regard and consideration clear as to the actual benefit in taking the time for oneself to plan and in-vision the upcoming work to be done...and specifically creating the way in which to do it and actually seeing how to do that the actual doing gets done...and it;s not like this stutter step that you don't want to take because you don't know because you didnt take the time to create a way for you moving play...

Can you treat the time like accounting?

Yes, have a look....time is creation potential here....and that is cash money.....because have a look....everything is life here....and to get basically anything here is cash/money....and yes....even the words within me are cash/money because it's the proficiency in the usage of my words that dictates my ability to receive cash/money....because very much so...the sewing of my labor as how I move is in and as the relationship to my words as the song that is sung within myself here from moment to moment as my ongoing movement.

What's interesting to consider here about this time like treat of accounting for the moment to moment the recognition that the internal going on is a regulator of the external going on....and so it begins within to extend without. So, knowing's in what one accepts and allows to play within like the music workings going on...if the think as the thought is one's you wouldn't want to be caught with....destroy the evidence....delete it from the memory history as like get rid of there;s no more repeating repeats that aren't worth repeating. In this way we can forgive ourselves for playing over and over a song that shouldn't be sung as like a waste of space....because really to think about the stink of a stench over and over and like sit within it without getting rid of it, what the fuck....not face the heat or get cooked like a bad burn because you didn't recognize the chore in farming the manure or putting on the sunscreen of flipping over to even out the know things are all about a matter or timing...which brings me back to the starting point and the time management and regard recognition as like to support the specific implementation of points of planned responsible time from day to day as a way to for sure the proper cognition as sound mind music maker moving as the dance of live that is lived when you already know the verse as to how this responsibility can be conversed.

Final thought thinking's here as my celebration good bye as the great buy gold nugget to take away the:

"Your Wish is Your Command"

and check it out....Realize...See for real....the Wish.....the Your Living Words! So Abracadabra is the meaning of Life here as the I speak what I create as the sound is sewn as the seeds that grow.....Abracadabra....Your wish is Your Command.....So, be filled with Care for What you wish for...and cultivate the caring regard for yourself daily as giving attention to the seeds you See as what you planted as the focused planning and remember you are the farmer/cultivator and curator of said knowing this is like the great potential to fine tune greatness as enabling a certain level of room for adaptability for results that were not previously seen that are beyond the initial wish or planning but are in alignment with the sound structured greatness that you it is all ours...Each Got it to Give it to Yourself...the music ...the words....the talk...the make and create that which is great.

To Be Continued

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