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Thursday, 7 May 2015

Day 735 - Self-Forgiveness

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Self-forgiveness is a Profound tool of and as creation here. It's the epitome of self-actualization. A noble application. A mark of greatness, compassion, consideration and the highest regard. The greatest gift really.

Let me explain.

All Life, is Self-Forgiveness.


Where is the Life?

If all Life is Self-Forgiveness....what the fuck is going on?

Humans are running a muck in the what the fuck fear control and scare tactic programming that prevents the living actualization of Self-Forgiveness Integration.

The interesting thing here is that We Got it to Give.

The interesting thing is that typically our shared world reflects that we have been conditioned to not want to Give...even though we got it to give. There is a lot of irony within this reflection....

Lets look at Money for a moment as a reflection of human reflection on the understanding and realization of self-forgiveness. If you look at all the money in the world and each countries expenses and the standard of living and quality of life of all people is easy to see that as a whole, the world is in Debt.  What is debt really but the charges against Life...the burden as like how things have been like making laws on top of laws that perpetuate a dissonance that is a sort of self-perpetuating motion.

Obviously Debt Forgiveness is a real thing. Obviously the starting point regard for Money can change from that being of debt/slavery/suffering/, Life excellence in the best of possible ways always all ways...with, an emphasis on creative potential development and encouragement as the what we got to give contribution that perpetuates itself as a constant fine tuning of a fine design that is complimentary in and as the greatest regard for Life as All Existence Here. A caring is sharing if you will....

Lets look at Self-Forgiveness....Why Self-Forgiveness? what's the deal with Self? who is Self? How many Selves are there here? Notice any sound similarity to Cells within and as the Selves? Is their Life potential always all ways within and as the various Selves? Does the starting point of any and all Selves originate from and as the same source of Self Here?  Is Self Everything?  How many reflections of Everything are there? Is that a specific number? Would it be easy for the practicality of Life regard to reflect the total number of Everything back to number One? All as One?  All is One? One and Equal? Oneness....One nest and Equal It Why?  Equal I's Here as Everything is I?  But Why?  Why Not?

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for not realizing and understanding the canvass of self acceptances and allowances that are less than what is best for all life here, represent the debt we are accepting and allowing here as our self-defined canvass being as overdrawn...and it is in fact our very own self-responsibility to Forgive the debt that we have created within ourselves as the markings that have been overdrawn on our canvass here as the think in which we think that has stained our accountability to the practicality in living as Self-Responsibility.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for not realizing and and understanding the tax system relationship here and self-forgiveness as like a parallel reflection of human regard/disregard for and as our actual Life and the Lives of each One here.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for not realizing and understanding myself as a Life accountant so to speak as like each word being a sound foundation in sewing the regard necessary in and as the garden which is our planet we in fact are plants on planning the ways in which we grow and spread ourselves out over space and time as a result of and as the sewing seeds as the sound foundation which reflects our networking communications here as our place here within and as the community which is Our Self Here in the Garden/Heaven which begins within and as our Self/Life as our very substance and creation here.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for at times deviating away from the profound simplicity in and as the magnificence of seeing and looking at the principle starting point law of Creation as, "Oneness and Equality"

I commit myself to the starting point law of Creation as "Oneness and Equality"

I commit myself to share the simplicity within as as the garden of Oneness and Equality.

I commit myself to substantiating myself here within and as the Garden of Oneness and Equality Here.

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