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Sunday, 3 May 2015

Day 733 - The Decision to Create Specific Expressions from Moment to Moment

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Writing is a very cooooooooooooooooooooooooool platform for playing with the decision making and creating process as the specific expression of oneself here.

In a way whether or not we are physically writing or typing words...we are very much in accordance with the language of the information is within ourselves here...and each and every moment we are working with information and are making decisions as to how to express or suppress....which is interesting in and of itself because the suppression is just kind of an reactionary play out that just sort of happens as like the nothingness taking over....i say the nothingness taking over from the persepective of being influenced and governed by momentary blips of energetic information coming up within oneself as consciousness containment so to speak as like a shock/buzz that dictates the sail of and as One's ship as how One will be in and as a Relationship here.

The interesting thing to look at here is ourselves as the master programmer...and in saying this....SEE the Mast within and as the point of Master....meaning, the Sailor hear.....the Director/Captain/Leader....the One Giving the Commands.

What I have noticed is that sometimes I forget just how much ability I have in dictating the expression of myself from moment to moment.  I mean the ability to express oneself from moment to moment is really something quite marvelous. The play of Today I say that is always here is in and as the moment of and as self-direction here as the who/how/what possibility and opportunity to make the play working as a resulting commitment to playing as the live live acting/expressing Director Here.

It really does boggle me from time to time when I catch myself in the funk of the wrath of self-authorized confinement as like the victim of a terrorist attack that was my own doing onto myself as a result of accepting and allowing an energetic reaction to engulf the Mast of my Mastery and kind of take me for a swirl into a temporary disarray as like a momentary confusion that requires the simplicity in self authoritative direction within and as the simplicity of sorting out the cross wires as like the hiccup within and as the electricity connection...the seeing  the unnecessary strain and drain I was putting onto myself as a result of an energetic dissonance in and as the accepted and allowed polarization of myself within and as a self-reflection being missed and seen as totally separate and distant from myself...kind of like a mirage in the sense...of being caught in the energetic allure of seeing what I want to see even though it's not really here but I'm kind of force fighting it here as an outward suppression of the inward suppression.

Obviously the point is to not get caught within the hiccup...nor sweat or dread a potential the momentary challenges that come as like the changing windy conditions that will most certainly affect the positioning of the Mast of and as Self-Leadership if and as Self-Leadership is not quick to exercise the expression of Response Abilities. I mean, even with the quickness and steadfastness of approach in adjusting the sail to compliment the adjusting conditions...the influence is like each is a point of influence here as influence is who/how/what we are. The Question is what Kind of Influence are You? Consider all kinds of Everything Here....that is the makeup of Influence we are working with. Obviously the practicality is in Knowing and Trusting in the Mechanics of Expression through and as the Creative decisions We Make as Our Know and Understood Response Abilities Here.

Let me bring more attention to the Known and Understood Response Abilities Here. This is a fascinating area of see because whether we like it or not we are always at work and play together as one as the same image and likeness here as equality and oneness here together as whatever the weather there is the solidity of substantial fusion and an interwoven connection as the source center of and as What Life is within and as the simplicity of principle and law of creation here.

The focal point of my sharing here today is within the careful Planning whether it be in the moment as the momentary freestyle play as the live action and direction of character presentations here...and also within regards to future moments that are of possibility....and of future moments that One wish to bring into specific manifestation as a certain result. There's a lot we can do....there's a lot we are doing....the question/answer/solution is in the investigation of of the past so that we can know how to manifest the destiny of the future that is Best.

To Be Continued

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