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Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Day 743 - The Irony of Effort

It's interesting how we make something to be particularly effort-full in our the way the relationships have taking shape...things become a regular regulating the state of flux that is taking place within ourselves as a sort of emotion and feeling disposition.  What's fascinating I have found within learning and incorporating a new skill or ingraining a new that the experience doesn't have to be so effort-full from the perspective of making the effort to try so like within the mind being over thinking...and exerting oneself within a point of stress because of the emotion and feeling one has created in relationship to and as the point.

Does a child create such an effort-full relationship to learning a new language....or does an adult typically place  more emphasis on the try hard effort...more likely the adult...whereas the child is just more effortlessly absorbing the material in many cases because they are at total ease within working out the point...they are literally playing within the point.

What I have noticed is that playing is key in process.

There is a definite seriousness to playfulness.

One cannot work effectively well for a consistently long amount of time with a strong stamina to have excellent output performance if One isn't at ease within and as the work/play.

Isn't it fascinating that we often take this approach to stress even within our recreational activities?

Like for instance Golf:

The golf swing takes about 2 seconds to complete.  There has been soooo much information published about it.  Most golfers or people who have ever played golf....really really struggle with the game. The interesting thing about a correlation to much like a point over exertion....and increased tension due to the mind chatter within the body while attempting to move through the swing.

The golf analogy is something i will open up more in blogs to come...this is somewhat of a teaser as to what is to come.

Stay tuned, Much to look at here:

Some key words of examination will be: Tension, Strain, Effort, Agreement, Logic, Emotion, Feeling, Golf, Irony, CoIncidences

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